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Christmas Rush

I have a business on-line where I sell Rick Thum hammered dulcimers. It’s not a big enterprise, but I enjoy helping people get into the wonderful world of hammered dulcimers. I write lengthy messages whenever a prospective buyer inquires. My prices are deeply discounted. Over the three or four years I’ve been a distributor, I’ve sold well over 100 dulcimers for Rick. My customers become my friends and I often hear from them afterward about how they appreciate my level of service.

My busy season is always December.

December 2008 had been disappointingly quiet. I figured it was “the economy.”

But starting about last Thursday, I began receiving 4 to 6 inquiries a day. Not every inquiry resulted in a sale, but I ended up the season with a bang. Yesterday Rick shipped out THREE for my customers plus I sold my own lovely Professional hammered dulcimer.

But when folks wait that long, it becomes a challenge to figure out how they can get their payment to me quickly. Since most everyone who contacts me via the internet is initally a stranger, I ask for prepayment before the order is shipped. I’ve always dealt with very honest folks, but the horror stories of internet scams have taught me to be cautious. So, although I’ll accept personal checks, I ask that they get to me before I place the order (which generally is shipped out within a day.)

I accept credit cards, but only through Paypal. And when using Paypal that way, Paypal assesses me 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. To be equitable, I assess a service fee equal to that amount therefore I can keep my prices low. (2.9% plus 30 cents sounds like so little, but if added to a $1,255 instrument sale or even a $400 one, it is an amount not to be sneezed at.)

So the cheapest way is to complete all the arrangements and decisions for the sale early enough so the customer can send a personal check.

I did receive one check Monday, but the other last minute buyers used Paypal even though there was a charge for the service. All the instruments are on their way and I can breathe!

With so many orders coming in, it got really confusing about who had paid, who was sending a check, who was paying with a credit card, who…. well, you get the idea.

I spent at between five and seven hours yesterday answering inquiries and scheduling sales.

I will never get rich, but I am a very legitimate Michigan business. (My accountant will vouch for that.)

Now that all of the orders are in, I can relax!

Additionally we are more at ease because we wrapped up our Sub-Strings’ (our dulcimer club’s) playing commitments. This a.m. we played for Christmas at Bronners. It was a fun way to wrap up the 2008 holiday season with our club. All of those folks are really special to us.

Our performance was broadcast live through a website so even those who were far away could enjoy the show.

We are packed to take off early in the morning for Florida. There’s a storm predicted to be coming later tomorrow but we hope to be well ahead of the bad weather. (Up to 10 inches may blanket this region.)

Today is Wednesday. By Saturday, we’ll be enjoying 80 degree temperatures in Sun City Center. Wow what a wonderful thought!

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Big Blow

This morning we awoke to a major wind storm. It was warm enough to melt most of the snow over night but now it’s turned colder and will be dipping even more throughout the day. One TV channel is off-the air as a result of the wind.

John’s lawn clean-up chore from the trees that were topped in our yard is going to be even harder today. (Certainly no burning.) I’ll be gone most of the day with a dental appointment, some banking chores, and last minute Christmas shopping. Then back home to start filling the truck. (We leave for Florida in three days.)

Last night our buddy Bob called to see if we’d arrived in Florida yet. He was lonesome for us.

I’ve always just loved the holidays. The beauty of the freshly cut Christmas tree has always been one of the hilights of our season. This year with no decorations and everything waiting for our trip to Florida, I am really finding it hard to capture the spirit. Yesterday we had a pleasant celebration with John’s family. It’s always nice to get together with them.

But something is missing this year! I’m sure it’s the absence of the tree and the tradition that has gone along with it. But a big part of it is grief over my mother’s recent passing. She had been lost to us for many years, but I was still optimistically included her in my Christmas thoughts. Now she’s gone, and there’s a real emptiness.

I keep thinking that when we get to Florida it’ll be fun and festive. We’ll have excitement and enthusiasm and the spirit that is missing will be found. We’ll be with friends. I hope we’re not disappointed.

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Counting Down

Today I packed. I figured this trip to Florida would be “easy” because everything’s already down there, but it’s getting more complicated all the time.

We purchased ourselves a 26″ TV for our bedroom and our plan is to take it back and forth since we need one both in Michigan and in Florida. The box is huge.

I’m taking along two small Christmas trees and the boxes are enormous!

What’s Christmas without candles and some ornaments that have become a tradition for us, a table decoration that we use every year, and … well, you get the idea. I think I’ve prioritized the stuff that we’re taking. If there’s a problem fitting everything in, I’ll just have to leave some stuff behind.

Yesterday John took on an unscheduled huge job. We have a row of poplar trees on our east lot line that John has planned to chop down this winter or spring. Since they’re about 50-75 feet tall, it would be a challenge with his limited equipment. So when a tree crew came by yesterday and offered to top them (take about the top half off) for a reasonable price, he jumped at it. The problem was that the crew took them down, but the clean up was left to John. We had no idea that it would be such a monsterous job. Our neighbor’s yard was also littered. So John’s been working to clean it up. I was out there for a while today too working. But he’s using a chainsaw and chopping everything into modest sized pieces so there’s not much I can do. There’s no way he’ll ever get it cleaned up before we leave Thursday. He got a burn permit from the township but green wood is slow to burn and sure does produce a smokey fire.

I guess, if we had to delay our departure a day or two it would be ok. There’s really no rush. We could leave as late as Saturday which would get us there Monday so we’d still be able to be ready for Christmas down there.

We’ll see….

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Packing for Florida

I am packing again. I keep thinking “this is the last time” because I always intend to leave everything in Florida, but last spring I made the mistake of bringing back all of my “heavier” Florida clothes to Michigan. Now we’re about to head back and we’ll be arriving in the middle of the “Florida Winter.” Don’t kid yourself, it can be dern cold in Florida in January and February. Last year during those months, we had both warm and chilly days. We had some “pool weather” but just as often it seemed we were bundled up inside even into March.

So today I’ve been packing warm stuff. I have lots of shorts, capris, and bathing suits waiting for me in Florida, but out of necessity, I need to bring along some sweaters and “long” pants.

Between you and me, they’re ugly. Covering up just isn’t fun. I hope I can wear my “for warm weather only” wardrobe.

I heard from our near-by Florida neighbor, Linda, who is glad we’re headed back. We also called our buddy Bob to tell him of our plans. His smile was transmitted over the phone-lines.

For the holidays, we’re hoping we can make some kind of a music contribution to the neighborhood. A small “house concert” of holiday music is a possibility. We just want to let folks know how glad we are to be part of their “community.”

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Hard Times

Quite a few years ago, a lovely vocalist, Cindy Feigel, did a stirring intrepretation of Stephen Foster’s lovely tune “Hard Times.” We were in the audience and spell-bound. It was especially touching since Cindy did it without accompaniment and Cindy is blind. When she sang about “hard times” you knew this lady has had to face adversity.

Her pure voice sweetly sang the tune and everyone felt an emotional bond.

On September 22nd, 2008, we received this message from Charlie Feigel, Cindy’s wonderful husband. He said, “I want to ask everyone to pray for my wife Cindy. Last night she was severly burned when her pajama top caught on fire. She is in the burn trama center at U of M hospital with major burns to her neck, chest and back. She is currently on a ventorlator and heavily sedated. Her vitals are looking good and her lungs look good so that is encouraging. They currently cleaning her wounds so I am taking advantage of the internet conection in the waiting room until I can see her. I will share more if I get a chance later. (signed) Charlie”

We have all been listening to Charlie’s near daily up-dates. Cindy was burned with third degree burns over more than 55% of her body. There have been dozens of skin grafts, the struggles with infection, the feeding tubes, the tracs. She’s had pain and life-threatening concerns. But last week Charlie told us that Cindy has improved to the point that they would be moving to the rehab unit Monday (yesterday).

We all applauded.

There isn’t one person who has ever met Cindy who isn’t in awe of her and her phenominal talent and spirit.

Now it’s been tested more than any of us can imagine enduring. She’s going to make it and we’re going to be there to support her.

She still has all that physical therapy ahead of her. Her arms are fairly fixed because the skin that’s been grafted is stiff and inflexible. It’ll be hard and painful for her to regain the use of her limbs. But she’ll do it.

We want her to know how much we care about her. She is a beautiful flower who was just blooming when she met this tragic problem. We’ll pray for her, but please help us.

She needs to know we care.

We all want the best for her. We all want her to continue to be part of our world.

So if you are just dropping by this blog, and you don’t know Cindy, you can still shut your eyes and say a silent prayer for her. She needs everyone’s support.

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Christmas Decorations

Christmas Lights



We finally got our Christmas lights up. Do you need help with yours?

We didn’t think we’d have time to get in a festive mood, but hey, this didn’t take long at all!


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Rain/Snow Mix

Seems that my recent posts all have to do with the weather. Today I’m watching an approaching storm with interest because tomorrow our club is scheduled to play a noon gig. The forecast is for 4-6 inches in this area. The rain is forecast to switch to snow this afternoon but it should all end about 9:00 tomorrow a.m. Hopefully that’ll leave enough time for the roads to be cleared.

I’m also looking ahead at the ten-day forecast because next Thursday morning we’ll be heading for Florida and obviously we wish for clear roads. At this point, it appears it’ll be cloudy but no precipitation. Whew!! The day before, we’ll be playing for WSGW radio which will also be broadcast on the internet. You can find the link to the “Listen Live” feature in the upper right corner of the screen at:

I’m going to start moving the stuff I want to take with us to a “staging area.” I’m trying to envision decorating for the holidays and what I’ll need to achieve a festive look with as little as possible. The stuff needs to travel well and be compact. I have so much Christmas-y stuff here, I sure don’t want to get down there and feel that I need to buy something. We have a large attic to store it after we use it, so that’s no problem.

At the condo, we’ll decorate our lanai with a small ceramic tree that was Mom’s and some tiny lights.

Inside I’ll have a more sophisticated tree (with tiny ribbon roses and white lights), a lovely centerpiece for the coffee table and lots of candles. In the dining room, I want to use some lovely holiday placemats, and gold charger plates. The guest bathroom will have holiday towels. It’ll work.

It sure seems strange to be waiting to get started on the holidays.

It will be so different than anything we’ve ever done for the holdiay, but I think we need a change. John always gets into a “holiday funk.” He mentioned that it’s hard to find projects that excite him here.

In Florida, we have lots to do. For starts we need to plant some shrubs across the back of the unit, put up a dining room light fixture, and mount flat panel TV in the bedroom.

We can always take a day and go to Busch Gardens, take some dance lessons, or plan a dinner party with friends.

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Escaping the Snow

Yup, it looks like we are going to make an “additional” trip to Florida.

We will leave Michigan on December 18th and arrive at our condo mid-day on the 20th. Because we have some commitments in Michigan that we can’t miss, we’ll leave to come back to Michigan on January 14th. But we’ll be back in our Florida conda again on the 28th. We’ll have to make three trips between Michigan and Florida between mid-December and the end of January, but our vehicle is comfortable and since gas prices are now lower, we figure we can handle it.

The only disappointment thus far is that the South Club’s New Year’s Eve party was cancelled because too few tickets were sold. (Now folks are calling about them, but it’s too late.) We don’t know what we’ll do to bring in the new year, but we’ll find some way we can visit with friends.

Our Christmas Day feast is portable. We can do our cooking in Florida as well as here. I’ll take along decorations so we feel festive.

We have lots of activities that we’re looking forward to. There are dances, dance lessons, and other scheduled stuff that will keep us busy. We hope to get together with friends. We are also anticipating the fruit which is ripe for picking in January. (Especially grapefruit and strawberries.)

I’m excited!

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Our Dulcimer Club Was Awesome!

Today Sub-Strings, our dulcimer club, played for a group of senior members of Catholic Federal Credit Union. It was a huge audience (nearly 400!) in a lovely facility (Horizons Conference Center). We were treated royally with a lovely lunch plus our fee which we divide between our playing members.

We had 22 musician members of Sub-Strings playing. It was a fun, exciting performance. The audience loved us, and the musicians seemed to really enjoy playing. We received a standing ovation.

Sure felt good! John is the lead instrument, and I’m the emcee. Together we organize the club’s performances. Our members sure made us look good! It was fun! Since that’s our first holiday gig, let’s hope all of our plays are as successful. We will be performing Sunday the 7th, then again on Wednesday, the 10th. Our last major performance will be Wednesday the 17th on WSGW Radio for the Christmas at Bronners broadcast.

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A change of plans!

This morning I received an advertising message from Red Roof Inns (the motel chain we use whenever we travel to or from Florida). I nearly deleted it as spam. Thank heavens I didn’t. They are offering us a special 25% off deal until the end of January.

John and I are considering an extra trip to Florida to use our condo. We’d leave our Saginaw home December 18th (we’d arrive at the condo on the 20th). We’d need to leave Florida for home on January 14th to be home on the 16th of January. We would only stay home until January 26th and then we’d return to Flroida.

That means we’d be in Florida for Christmas and New Years.

It would shake up all our holiday traditions. Gone would be our freshly cut Christmas tree. Instead we’d take along a tiny artificial and a ceramic tree that was my mothers. (I’d probably drag along a few other decorations so make the place look festive.) We wouldn’t have the fire in the fireplace and the wonderful holiday dinner in Michigan. Instead, weather permitting, we’d spend part of Christmas day in the pool.

Last year we were in Kings Pont for New Years Eve but this year there’s a party planned at the South Club and that would be much closer and more convenient.

I don’t know if tickets are still available for the South Club party, but we can check.

Even John says, “Sounds like fun.” We’ll see. We’re still flexible.

We aren’t locked into either decision yet.

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Old Friends

The other day I called Alex Usher. Alex is lovely lady and a wonderful autoharper. She’s instructed for me at Evart. We’ve missed her for a couple of years.

I hadn’t spoken to her for a long while, so I called her and we had a very pleasant chat.

The conversation drifted to talk of a mutual friend, Mary Lou Orthey, who passed away suddenly in 2006 after suffering a stroke. She was a beautiful, blue-eyed, charmer. Both Alex and I miss Mary Lou.

Alex’s voice grew husky as she shared something with me. She said, “I’ve never taken her address out of my address book. I just can’t do it.”

“Neither have I,” I said.

It wasn’t just a “me too” comment. I was being very honest. Mary Lou Orthey’s address is still listed in my address listing: 941-505-0823 (home) and 941-769-4439 (cell).

Each of us have ways of honoring those we love. I guess neither Alex nor I are ready to let go of Mary Lou.

Occasionally I’ll scan through by phone numbers and spot Mary Lou’s name. I am reminded of her sparkling blue eyes and humor. I can hear her say, “Hi, Hat Lady. How’s the dawg?”

She and I shared a fun evening in 2004 in Sarasota, FL. It was a night filled with girly conversation and friendship.

I won’t forget Mary Lou, and neither will Alex. Guess that’s the way it should be.

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When blogging last night, I talked about how much I enjoy snow and I was excitedly looking forward to a predicted storm. But that’s when I was thinking about being warm and toasty inside our comfy house. I wasn’t considering the possibility of a “power failure.”

In the wee hours of the morning I awoke to total silence. It’s funny how you miss the hum of the refrigerator, the on-and-off of the furnace, and other power driven sounds. When everything is off, it’s hauntingly quiet.

It’s about 9:00 a.m. and we still have no electric power. There’s no projection for its resumption.

We have a fire in the fireplace and coffee perking on our gas range.

It’s about 60 in the living room and colder in the rest of the house.


The out-the-window view is beautiful. Snow ladened trees and a blanket of white are awe-inspiring. The geese are spending most of their time in the open-water areas; although some show-off by walking on the thin ice. Believe it or not, the photo is actually “in color” but the colors are obviously primarily black and white.


11:08 a.m.

The power just came back on. I’d guess we were without electricity for about eight hours. It was a good reminder that we need to be better prepared for outtages.

We need to have a can of gasoline for the snowblower and the generator, batteries for flashlights and radios, matches or lighters. It would be a good idea to start up the generator and see if it works. (We haven’t needed to use it since we had power added to our place in the Upper Peninsula and that was about a dozen years ago.)

We did find an old battery operated radio so we weren’t totally isolated. Our cellphone continued to work, providing us with limited phone service.

Of course there was no internet access, but I had a good book to help pass the time. I was cozied up in an afghan and didn’t mind the inconvenience. John stayed warm by cutting wood and shoveling. We got by.

I will still look forward with excited anticipation to an approaching storm, but the heat needs to stay on.

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Weather Watching

Most folks cringe from snow storms, but they excite me.

Last year (the winter of 2007-08) we were in Florida from December 27th until mid-April. Our Saginaw address experienced record snowfall. I was filled with mixed feelings. I loved my time in Florida, but when I heard of the snow storms, I must admit, there was a little “missed-out” feeling. The last 20 years of winters have been mild with little snow. We finally had a winter for the record-books and we were basking in the sun instead.

So it was with a high level of excitement that I listened last night to the weather forecasters who predict the possibility of a 10-inch snowfall today and tomorrow.

In anticipation, I found a website called where you can zoom in on your neighborhood and follow an approaching storm in real-time. It’s complete with satellite images and terrain mapping.

I zeroed in on “Lake Cecil” (we live on the north side of the lake due north from the east most “island”) and have followed the approching blob on the map

Click here to see our Saginaw Neighborhood on

It’s still snowing with more predicted. I doubt that we’ll get the 10 inches there stated to be a possibility. We’ll be lucky to get 4 or 5 inches. Right now we have about an inch.

I should explain that I didn’t feel this way when I had to drive to work and I was often the first one to “trail-blaze” out of our subdivision to M-52. But now, with a big fire in the fireplace and no plans to leave the house for a couple of days, I am enjoying the view from inside.

Tuesday I have an afternoon dental appointment. Wednesday we have a senior luncheon at the high school. Thursday our dulcimer club will be performing at Horizons Conference Center, a high-end facility, (we start at noon). But if it snows until tomorrow night, we’ll still have time to dig-out.

Bring ‘er on!!!!

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Cold Feet

water walkers
A few days ago I mentioned that I was disappointed because the lake out our living room window here in Saginaw was partially ice-covered. But the lake hasn’t totally frozen over yet. There are patches of ice, but mostly open water.

Right now there are a few geese “walking on water.” The smooth surface in the photo is solid H20. It always amazes me that these large birds can go right to the edge of ice that is tissue-thin.

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Today’s Thanksgiving – What am I thankful for?

My life! All of it…

My great husband!

Family. (Especially my daughter, Kelly, who lives in California. She is planning a February visit.)

Our music friends who are like “family.”

Our wonderful Florida friends who have made us feel that Florida is also home!

When I think back on the passing of my mother in September, I’m filled with gratitude for my mother’s long life — it was for the most part very happy. The end wasn’t unexpected and at her stage of alzheimers, she had already left me years before. Five days before she died, she spoke her last words. She said, “I love you too.” I’m glad her passing was peaceful and not prolonged. She just drifted away. It was time.

So even when thinking about my mother’s death there’s a level of quiet appreciation. It could have been so much harder on her and us.

I have so much to be thankful for!

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White Out!

It’s snowing! Boy, is it snowing!

toastyThere’s about an inch on the ground right now, but it looks like more will fall. I’m not complaining. We have a big fire in the fireplace and it’s warm and cozy. I’m glad I don’t have to go out in it, but from inside, it’s lovely!

It’s a good thiing I like techie stuff. In September I got a new computer, a Sony Vaio running MS Vista. It’s everything I could hope for but unfortunately my Motorola WPS870G wireless print server didn’t work with the Vista system. I was disappointed.

Additionally I couldn’t get my workhorse printer, a HP Laserjet 4 Plus, to run with Vista. But today my persistance paid off. First I figured out how to get the printer to print, and then I worked with my wireless print server and finally everything is up and running! My hope is that I can also get my Florida wireless print server to work when I get down there (it’s an identical wireless system but with a different printer). I sure missed it when I couldn’t print wirelessly.

Hopefully I won’t forget how I fixed it.

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New View

Yesterday some friends ask me to post photos of our new Florida condo.

I guess I don’t want to make it seem that we’re in anyway bragging. It’s a nice comfortable condo, but it’s not palatial.

But to satisfy those friends (Linda, Nancy), here are a few photos of the place.

front view

Above is the view of the front. (John loves the 2-car garage which has a workshop!.)

Below is a picture of the living room and a corner of the kitchen bar. The two recliners in the “far end” will be replaced asap with something more stylish yet comfortable.

living room

The recent addition of the all-glass door at the end has really brightened up the room! Sorry I didn’t take a picture after the door was added. This picture shows the old, ugly door. The new one really improved the room!

living room

And below is one of my favorite photos “from the living room window”.

out living room window view

I will get some better ones when we return to Florida in January.

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Solid Water

This morning it was only 19 degrees.

Here in Michigan we live on a small (26 acre) lake. The flow of water about 50 feet from the backside of our house is always mesmerizing.

This morning there was a light “scum” of ice on part of the lake. Since it isn’t going to warm up much today, by tomorrow the lake will be frozen over. Darn. I’ll miss the “action.” The ripples on the water give the scene life! The solid sheet of ice seems dull by comparison. It’s not nearly as pretty. So today I find myself taking in the glitter on the open water knowing it won’t last.

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Snowing in Michigan

We’ve had several days of snowy weather. Not clean pure drifts, not picturesque snow-ladened pines. Nope. There’s just enough to make things soggy and slippery. The news is filled with accident reports and warnings that the first snowfall of the season usually brings more than a normal number of fender-benders.

I was feeling depressed about the weather but John built a lovely fire in the fireplace and it’s feeling warm and cozy here inside.

I have a feeling I’d be complaining even more if I were in Florida. I heard it only got up to about 60 degrees today in Sun City Center and tonight there’ll be wind chills down to about 30 degrees! Sure wouldn’t be pool weather. In fact I’m sure I’m warmer and cozier than I’d be if we were down south. Something about the penetrating cold and the lack of insulation in Florida condos.

This Saturday we’re planning a big “annual dinner” for our club members in Frankenmuth, MI. We’ll enjoy a noontime feast and then play music from 1:00-4:00. We don’t expect large audiences, but it’ll be fun anyway.

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When my mother passed away she left me some bonds. It wasn’t a huge fortune: three one-thousand dollar bonds (a total of $3,000) to be exact. She also left similar bonds to my brother, Denny.

The days surrounding her funeral were so hectic and filled with passion and strife that I barely remember them. They’re in a blurr. I was rushing, phoning, and organizing non-stop. During that period I removed the bonds from a safety deposit box so I could give my brother his. After the funeral, I immediately returned to Florida. I didn’t give the bonds a thought for a couple of days but when I got to Florida, I couldn’t remember what I’d done with my three bonds. I figured I’d left them in Michigan, so I tried to put aside any fretting over their whereabouts. I assumed I’d be able to locate them when I returned home to Michigan in two months. Last Thursday, when I got home, the first thing I did was to head for the spot I thought I’d left the bonds. They weren’t there.

I racked my brain to remember what I’d done with them. The last place I recalled having them was at the funeral home when I gave my brother his three and showed him my three. It was the day we picked out my mother’s casket and made other arrangements. I guess my thoughts weren’t too well organized. I never thought about the bonds until I was in Florida. Then I had to wait two months to be back home to look for them.

Today, as I was filing papers for my mother, I found a book I’d taken to the funeral home. It was Mom’s “Important Information” notebook. It contained her family tree; the birthdates of her siblings; and important dates. I’d forgotten that was the book which I’d had with me at the funeral home. (I thought I’d had a different book with me.) Stuck in the back pocket of the notebook were the three bonds. I remember now that I’d brought it with me so I could accurately list the highlights of her life.

What a relief! I have lost so much sleep. I’ve done so much worrying. It feels so good to have things figured out. To me it was a mark of carelessness and I felt that Mom would be very disappointed in me. Now that I have them, I can relax.

(I should mention that John was never worried. He just said, “You’ll find them stuck in something where you felt they’d be safe.” He knows me very well.)


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A Couple of Observations

In Florida a problem pest is the “love-bug.” In Michigan, we have the “lady bug.” Yup, in Michigan lady bugs have cross-bred with a wierd strain of lady bugs. About five years ago this new cross-breed became true pests. They don’t bite or eat much, but if you happen to squish one, they smell horrid. They’re not the cute little critters we enjoyed during our childhood and encouraged because they’d rid your houseplants of aphids. This new breed is over-whelming. There are way too many of them to be tolerated. So in Florida the benign bug that is a pest because of the sheer numbers of them is the love-bug. But Michigan has it’s a similar problem.


Chile and crackers make the best cold weather meal.


Cold weather follows us. In April, we returned from Florida and everyone told us how nice it had been for most of the month, but for the next couple of weeks we had snow, gloom, and cold.

When we returned last Thursday from Florida, it was in the mid-70’s and lovely. But within two days the temperatures had dropped and they’re still falling. It’s now bitter cold and snow is predicted.


I miss those little geckos that scurry around in Florida. They’re sweet and help rid the world of pesky insects. I will admit I was startled by one when he jumped on me while I was sunning at the pool, but generally they are benign. I look forward to them.

Our buddy Bob has one who lives in his house. He calls it his “dragon.”

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Back Up North

We arrived home about 2:00 Thursday. The house seems cluttered and in need of a major cleaning. I want/need to purge. It’s hard to know where to start. I loved the “fresh start” we had in our new condo in Florida. Now that we’re home we need to face reality that our lovely home needs some sprucing and up-dating. I’m going to get busy.

Last night we practiced with our Subterranean Strings music club. It was nice to be with them. They’re like family. We had to work on our Christmas music so we can be ready for some major performances in December. We have a full holiday schedule. We’ll be so busy that time will fly by.

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