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Last Sunset Photo (I promise)

Out the back door.

I took this picture Friday night from the back door of our condo.

I’ve taken so many photos of this view. It amazes me. But this is the last one. (Until next time.)

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Last Day in Florida

Today is my last day here in the sunny south.

I have a whole list to do before I am picked up to go to the airport at 1:00 tomorrow. It’s really hot, so I decided that I will do all the stuff I need to do inside where it’s cool (packing, cleaning, laundry, etc.) and then this afternoon I’ll head to the pool. From 5:00-9:00 there’s a get-together at the South Club called “Sunset Celebration.” There’ll be music, food, and dancing. All of it will be beside the pool.

If I have everything ready tonight, I can go to the Saturday morning “Re-sale Shop.”

Last night I enjoyed Rockin’ Rondezvous in the newly redecorated and re-named Palm Court Cafe. I sat with a really nice couple (Patsy and Merle). I was home about 6:30.

I better get busy and finish my chores so nothing will stand between me and the pool this afternoon.

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What’s Missing?

I just realized that the hot weather has caused a change. When I got here 10 days ago, the vicinity of the pool was invaded by a swarm of love bugs. Yup, those pesky flying critters had invaded. They swarmed. They were everywhere. They don’t bite but when you have them crawling on you, they’re definitely hard to endure. Click here for an earlier blog entry about love bugs, complete with a photo.

But this week the temperatures went up and the love bugs have vacated.

It was too hot. At least there’s one good side to the extreme heat!

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Hot Hot Hot

It was a tad too warm yesterday (92 with a “feels like” temperature of 100). More of the same is predicted for today. I spent a lot of time in the shade at the pool. I filled a spray bottle and “misted” myself every few minutes. There was a slight breeze so I felt comfortable, but by about 3:00 I started feeling a little light-headed. I knew I was dehydrated. I hadn’t been consuming enough liquids, so I headed home. After a hearty consumption of water and the pleasantly cool A/C, I was fine.

Gerry, a really nice neighbor lady, invited me over for wine and conversation at 4:30. She had a fascinating history. I was glad I got to know her better. I stayed a couple hours.

After three days of renovation, the South Club’s lounge area, formerly called “BC’s,” will reopen as “Palm Court.” Hopefully folks will turn out tonight for Rockin’ Rondezvous and to see the newly decorated area. I’ll say good bye to friends.

Tomorrow night, they’re going to have a “Sunset Celebration” poolside. I plan to attend.

I only have two days left so I need to make a list if the stuff I don’t want to forget: bring in the cushions from the lanai furniture, close the hurricane awning, shut off the water, turn up the A/C, etc.

I will be glad to be back in Michigan where temperatures are predicted to be ideal (low 80’s).

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The rains have passed

It looks like the rest of my stay here in Florida will be under clear skies. Florida Sky

Today was absolutely lovely. I was at the pool all afternoon. Did lots of visiting. I’d thought I’d leave about 4:00, but an hour later and I was still yacking with friends.

I’ve been here for a full week. I have four and a half more days.

When in Florida, I love taking pictures of the sky. The skies down here are incredible. They are often colorful with big poofy clouds. Sunsets are fantastic.

I talked with John. He said it’s been in the low 60’s in Michigan and raining. At least the forecast for Sunday, when I will be back home, is for temps in the high 70’s. Yes!

It sounds like John has tackled some pretty big projects in my absence. I should feel guilty, since I am enjoying the sun and lovely weather, and he’s working hard, but I think we both enjoy some private time. I know I’ll sure go back “refreshed” and I’ll appreciate him even more.

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Rain again in Florida

This morning, I was ready to go to the “Nearly New” sale (which is only held on Saturdays during the “summer months”) but as I was about to head out the door the rain hit. For the next two hours it really came down. Obviously my plans changed, so I took a book I was reading to the lanai and enjoyed view and sound of the rain. I guess there was a lot of rain over-night but I slept through it.

By noon the rain had moved on. The temperature was perfect. I was at the pool most of the afternoon. I floated around a lot and visited with friends. I may have gotten a bit too much sun, but I’m trying to watch it with sun screen and shade. I must admit I forgot to “renew” the sun screen and was out there for a loooonnnng while.

This evening I figured I’d go enjoy a Belmont Stakes horse race party at the South Club, but when I got there, I was disappointed. It wasn’t much of a party and sitting around a bar isn’t my thing. I visited for a short while with a friend, and I left. I’d planned to eat dinner at the party but they weren’t grilling, so I went shopping, got myself a nice little steak and had it with a baked potato. (My favorite meal.) I was home before 7:00 p.m.

The days are blurring together. Most of the time, it’s glorious sunshine (at least part of the day) and lots of great pool time. I’ve read a couple of books, and I’ve been working on the scheduling of the workshops and preparation of the program for the big dulcimer festival next month. A week from tonight I’ll be back in Michigan. It’ll be hard to leave. It’s so nice here.

What a wonderful life.

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Warm and Wonderful

Here it is Thursday evening. I’m really enjoying my Florida visit. It’s been relaxing and quite warm. I got here on Tuesday, and my primary activity has centered on the pool. It’s been really warm (high 80’s). I aim for at least four hours at the pool – more if possible.

Both Tuesday evening and last night (Wednesday), it rained really hard at about 7:30 p.m. The rain was also predicted for this afternoon. I was determined to get my pool time before the rain chased me away. I arrived about 10:00 a.m. and stayed until 2:00. That left me plenty of time to wash my hair and spiffy up for tonight’s Rockin’ Rondezvous. As it turned out there was a little thunder, but no rain.

Rockin Rondezvous, the Thursday evening get-together at the South Club, was fun. I saw lots of folks I knew. Sat with our friend Sue Sussman. All of the regulars were there. Of course no snowbirds, but it still felt like I was among friends.

At 7:00 they had a jitterbug contest with only five couples competing. They decided it was a tie and all won dinners for two. Personally I had my favorite but it was good that all the brave souls we declared winners.

Tomorrow afternoon there’s a 50-60% chance of rain in the afternoon. I intend to be at the pool early. If it rains, I’ll go shopping. I’d like to get there by about 9:00. If I stay until noon, and it doesn’t rain, I can maybe take a break for a couple hours and come back later.

I have been watching my sun exposure because I don’t want to over-do it, which would be easy this time of the year. I’ve got a nice “glow” but so far, using sunscreen and staying in the shade has worked.

I haven’t worked on my stuff for the festival today. I figure that’s a good rainy day job.

The forecast is for rain nearly every day, but I’m discovering that rain can be only an hour and the rest of the day is great. I plan to make the best of the next eight days. They’ll fly by.

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What a day!

This morning the alarm went off at 6:00. I bounced out of bed thinking I’d planned things out and I’d have lots of time to get to the airport before my departure. Then it hit me! I’d mis-calculated. My plane was leaving at 7:00 – boarding at 6:30, so I should have gotten up an hour earlier. But I flew around getting ready. We left the house by 6:10. We were at the airport by 6:30. I wasn’t able to swig down my normal quota of coffee until I got to Detroit. But with a two and a half hour lay-over, I had time to “catch-up.”

The fellow who I hired to give me a ride from the airport in Tampa was there even though my plane came in about 30 minutes late. Everything went smoothly. By about 3:00, I was home in our condo. No problems. I was able to turn on the water, get the hot water back on, and the ice maker working. I had a slight problem getting our cable TV up and running, but with the help of the cable company, it is working fine.

I spent a couple hours at the pool and saw some of our best friends. The water was actually too warm to be refreshing but I feel younger and more alive.

About 5:45 I went shopping for a few groceries. A thunderstorm hit while I was in the store. Thank heavens I’d brought along an umbrella, but it rained so hard and the wind blew so strongly that, as I was getting into the car, it turned the umbrella inside out, and I was drenched.

My “MagicJack” phone device, which plugs into a usb port when you have high speed internet and you can plug a phone into it, is working beautifully so I have nice clear phone service. I feel like I’ve really moved into the 21st century. A phone! (Sure I’d have had a cellphone, but this provides unlimited service at no cost.)

So I’m here in Florida. I’ve talked with John twice. I wish he had been able to come with me, but I have lots to do. Tomorrow I have an appointment at the bank. I need to clean the lanai (which is really a mess from all the rain they’ve had here).

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