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Time flies when you’re having fun

The month of June is almost past.

John played for a wedding reception yesterday. I stayed home getting our fifth wheel ready for the huge Evart festival and double-checking the Evart Workshop Program so it can head to the printer. Summer’s nearly 1/3 gone!!

This afternoon, John will be playing for a parish picnic in Hemlock. I will be going to Owosso to have dinner with his siblings.

We’ve been really busy but I’m sure not complaining.

Our big festival, Evart, is nearly here! Yeah!

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Headin’ Home

Here it is June 9th and I’m headed back to Michigan. I was down here (in Florida) for ten days but didn’t take time to post anything to my blog because I was really, really busy. I canceled a bank account for my mom and did other banking chores, got a new insurance policy on the condo, I hired a five-day a week three-hours a day companion for Mom who will start Monday. I visited Mom a lot! (Usually twice, sometimes three times a day.) She had to go to the doctor to have the stitches taken out of her face (she’d suffered a bad fall.) I met with the folks from Courtyards but I even found time to go to the pool three or maybe four times and to two Rockin’ Rondevous on Thursday nights.

I didn’t have time to get much accomplished on the Evart Workshop Program so I’ll be busy this next week playing “catch-up” since I should have had it ready to go by now.

The weather here in Florida has been hot with frequent afternoon thunderstorms. I’m sitting in the Tampa terminal right now waiting to board my plane. I’ll be going through Chicago and will be home before 10:00 p.m. tonight.

I love the fact that Tampa has free wireless access in the terminal. It’s a really fast connection so I figured I’d take advantage of the opportunity. While in Florida I’ve been able to get email via my cellphone but at a snail’s pace so I haven’t done much on-line.

During my visit, I did a little “condo window shopping” but I didn’t find anything I would prefer to our place.

Well, I suppose I should get busy and work on the workshop program.

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