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Never underestimate an old gal

I wish I could claim that this video was done here at Kings Point. It wasn’t, but it’s of an 80+ year old lady who is definitely inspirational. The first part is great, but the second segment is astounding.

I see some amazing people here in Florida, but I’d like to know how she does it.

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How do you slow down time?

I love my life! I have a great husband. I have a sweet dog. I enjoy the good life here in Florida in the winter and a equally great time in Michigan in the summer. We are worry free. Life is grand.

How can I stretch it out? Days fly past. I realize I’m on the downward slope of my lifespan. I know I’m well past the half-way mark. I want to savor every moment and take it all in. I want to put on the brakes and make time stand still – or at least let it go slowly past.

Here in Florida, time is not just rushing past, it’s at sonar speeds. Every week gains momentum. When we arrived we had three and a half months. We wondered if maybe it would be too much time down here. Now we’re looking at March which is just around the corner, and we leave in mid April. It’s just too soon.

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Tuesday – Lip Sync

No, it’s not our “thing” but we admire those with the talent to take the mic… even those who do a less than perfect performance.

Tonight’s lip sync was fun to watch. This afternoon we purchased tickets for the Kings Point Follies (a residents’ talent show.), There was a display of art at the main clubhouse.

All of these activities (the lip sync, the paintings and artwork, and the Follies) are examples of the zest for life that is exhibited here in Kings Point.

Temperatures were a tad cool for the pool, but it was a good day.

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Looking forward to a busy week

Last week we had some “perfect” days, weather-wise. They were flawless with blue skies, no wind, and balmy temperatures of about 78. We greedily took them in.

This week we expect a cool-off. It wasn’t bad today, but as the week goes on it’ll be cooler and by Friday, definitely COLD.

Today it got up to about 74. It was also Presidents’ Day which meant all the grandparents would be baby sitting their grand children. So we went to the pool today but we selected the smaller, quieter, Nantucket Pool. It’s a little further from our place, but they keep it several degrees warmer and they only allow children a couple hours a day.

It was blissfully quiet. We enjoyed the afternoon.

The South Club’s pool is more enchanting, but with the extra kids today, we were glad to have a sanctuary.

Tonight we’re just having a quiet evening, but every night the rest of the week we have things to do. I love it here in Kings Point.

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Tonight’s Rockin Rondezvous

Another rockin’ time at the South Club in Kings Point, Sun City Center. Maybe you were there and can spot yourself. I try to capture everyone having fun.

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Too much of a good thing

We’ve been enjoying fresh grapefruit and I believe I over-did it yesterday. I had several during the day and one last night. When I ate it, I could tell it didn’t set well. I’m not feeling up to par today but hopefully after lunch, I’ll do better.

Tonight’s a Rockin Rondezvous and it’s always lots of fun. Gotta get feeling better.

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Thursday, February 5th, at Rockin Rondezvous

Maybe you were there, maybe you missed it. It was a typical “Rockin’ Rondezvous” the Thursday night gathering at the South Club at Kings Point, Sun City Center, FL. It’s a fun way to meet other Kings Point folks and stay in touch with those you already know.

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Warm and lovely!

Yesterday we went to Venice to Snook Haven (a riverside restaurant and resort) where we combined with about 40 other musicians to entertain a nice audience. It was a tad chilly (probably 60-65). We had our friends, Wayne and Linda, follow us back to our condo where we all “warmed up.” Last night we had lively conversation late into the evening, but today we made music. By early afternoon I suggested that we take the golf cart and see what “ourside” felt like.

We went over to the pool (not to sun bathe, but to check it out). We found that it was crowded and warm. We drove around a bit more. After about an hour outside, we came back and played a little more music, then had a lovely dinner.

It was a nice weekend.

Tomorrow it’s going to be mid-70’s and even warmer toward the middle of the week. I’m so ready for some pool days!

The temperature today wasn’t hot. But folks at the pool seemed to be enjoying the sun. Tomorrow I plan to be there!

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Warming Trend on Horizon

It’s been so cold since we got down here, that we’ve barely ventured “out.” Last night we had a fun time with friends at the South Clubhouse. It was like we all emerged from our hiding places. The event was Rockin’ Rondezvous which means conversation, dancing, food, and liberal libation.

Tomorrow a.m. we’re heading to Venice (Snook Haven) to play music with lots of other “snowbirds.” We attended last year and it’s a lovely place. We will be playing outdoors. It is supposed warm up into the mid-70’s by late afternoon, but when we start playiing (11:00 a.m.), it will be a tad chilly (65).

Our friends, Wayne and Linda Conklin, are down here too (in Sarasota.) The plan is that they will follow us back to our condo. We’ll make a little music and they’ll stay over night. Maybe we can head to the pool on Sunday. (It’s supposed to be about 77.)

So if the weather warms, it sounds like a fun weekend.

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Super Bowl

Brenda was a winner!
We sure had a fun time watching the Super Bowl thanks to Brenda Wiley and John Berbard. They hosted a Bowl party last night which featured nice people and great food.

We bought a few chances on John’s “pool” which was very affordable at 50 cents per square with quarterly and final score winners ($5, $10, $5, and $30). Funny thing was that our hosts each won one of the quarterly scores. We teased them about how it must have been rigged, but it was a “blind” board meaning no one knew what order the scores would be assigned until the whole board was sold and the numbers were added by drawing cards. Therefore it was totally fair and luck of the draw.

Here’s Brenda holding up her “big money” ($5) for having the first quarter score.

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Three Days Later

Last time I wrote it was Thursday and we’d just nicely hit the road on our “return trip” back to Florida.

We experienced lousy conditions in Ohio. One massive traffic jam was caused by the roll-over of a vehicle which was pulling an RV.

As we got into Kentucky, it was obvious that the ice storm which had blanketed the area Tuesday was even worse than we’d imagined. The trees were still ice-covered and badly damaged. We saw dozens of abandoned cars off on the shoulder of the road. Power was still out in much of Kentucky.

All day we saw lots of acidents where cars had slid into each other and one car went into the median while the other went off the other side of the road.

As we approached Knoxville, there was another major traffic jam. We found out later it was because of a bad accident.

We finally got to our room in Knoxville about 7:30, enjoyed a good dinner prepared in the microwave in our room, and relaxed.

Friday we took off early. Again we ran into a third traffic jam where everything ground to a halt. This time a car had hit some guard rails as it spun into the median and it was totally burned out!

The rest of the trip was uneventful. We got to our condo at about 7:00. It has been chilly here in Florida, but we’re settling in.

Last night we went to a lovely dinner dance put on by the Michigan Club. It was a class act. The huge room was made cozy and lovely with dozens of large plants and palms around the room. The wonderful dinner was cornish hens. We sat with Mary & Ron, Terry & Robbin, and some of their friends. It was a nice evening.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. At 4:00 we’re going to a party at Brenda and John’s. Should be fun with lots of food, and “the game.”

Since I haven’t unpacked yet, I should get busy.

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