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He was lost, but now he’s found

I lost John for over an hour today.

We had gone to the Big Top Flea Market north of Brandon. We arrived about 10:00 a.m. It is a huge place so we came prepared with FRS radios. I knew he would have his interests and I’d have mine. Once inside, we intentionally separated but I ran a check to make sure the radios were working, and everything was fine. It was agreed that I’d call when I’d “had enough.”

A couple of hours later, when I was ready to leave, I tried to contact John but he didn’t respond. As I said, the place is enormous so I searched for him, without success. I looked everywhere but it’s a maze. I even went back to the car thinking maybe he’d gone back there. Of course, I also kept trying the FRS radio.. but no luck. Finally after over an hour of intensive searching, I found him. His radio had somehow been turned “down” so the volume wasn’t loud enough for him to hear my calls. He was more than ready to leave, but waiting for my “call”. We were both pooped.

The radios let us down.

We then tried furniture shopping in Brandon, but we were both too tired to make any big decisions.

We got home in time to catch the conclusion of the Michigan State Final Eight Basketball game, enjoy a nice dinner, and spend a relaxing evening watching TV.

It was a nice (but frustrating) day. At least this morning there was a little rain. (The first in weeks.)

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Blow Hard

Boy, has ever been windy. We’ve had two or three days of 24 mph sustained winds. Today we watched a canopy at Falcon Watch Golf Club blow across the lawn. A table umbrella also blew away and my sun umbrella turned inside out. It hasn’t stopped us from going to the pool, but it has been uncomfortable.

We had another busy week. Wednesday we took our last intermediate swing dance lesson, John picked grapefruit and in the evening, we went to Ruskin for a spaghetti dinner with good friends.

Thursday evening’s Rockin’ Rondezvous was much better than last week’s. We had a good time. It was slow to get started with very few dancers until about 5:30, but we hung in there and it finally got going. The people make it, and we had a good group of friends.

Last night (Friday) after another day at the pool, we went to a Men’s Chorus concert at a local church. Very impressive.

Today we enjoyed a tour of the Falcon Watch Golf Club. We’d never been there before and it was nice to see what they have. We were invited to take part in an 18 hole mini-golf type competition on a large green. We were pretty bad, but I could see improvement by the time we ended and John even one-putted a couple of the holes. I was lucky to two-putt two or three holes (which was considered par).

Tonight rain is expected to pass through the area and bring temperatures about 10 degrees lower. (It’s been about 85 for the past few days.) But by early next week, it should be back up in the low 80’s.

Today someone at the pool said, “I must have died because this is heaven.”

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Busy but fun

We’ve been busy but it’s mostly fun stuff.

Yesterday John worked on our car (fixed the brake line) and we spent about an hour with Mom’s accountant. We also had our golf car inspected and went clothes shopping.

But today was a fun day: after practicing our music, we enjoyed lots and lots of lovely pool time, a little shopping, and when we stopped at our bank, they washed our golf cart and gave us a free lunch!

We have only 22 days before we head home. John’s ready to go now, but our schedule for the next three weeks is packed with fun stuff.

I checked the next 10 days for Michigan and found every day on was shown as being cool and most were cloudy or mostly cloudy. For those same 10 days in Sun City Center the prediction is that the temps will range from 82-87 for highs with the forecast for lots of sun. Guess where I’d rather be?

When we get back to Michigan, we’ll have to get busy so our club will be ready for some performances.

I’ll be back in June for a week and a half, but John won’t return until September. I’ll miss this life-style.

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“Up Up and Away”

Yesterday we went to Busch Gardens and saw the Fifth Dimension. It was a super show. I’d like to have gone back again, but today was their last day and we were busy doing a demo dance for the Sun City Center Funfest, a community festival.

It was fun re-hearing their many hits. The music from the mid 1960’s really brought back great memories. At the end, the whole audience stood, swaying with arms in the air singing “Let the Sunshine In.” It was a moving tribute to another era when life was easier.

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Rockin’ Rondezvous — under par

Most of the time Rockin’ Rondezvous which is held every Thursday night at the South Club is the high-point of our Kings Point week. Since we’ll be heading back to Michigan soon, I’ve been looking forward to Thursday nights even more than usual but tonight’s was disappointing. The crowd was small and late to arrive. Friends were missing, and I had a head ache.

Maybe it’s because I was anticipating a great time, but it was definitely lacking it’s usual zest for us.

Tomorrow we’ll go to Busch Gardens and see the 5th Dimension. Should be a fun day.

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My Wig

I’m blessed with naturally thick healthy hair. But for the second time in a few months someone has asked if I wear a WIG. In fact, I’ve resorted to letting them pull my hair as hard as they can, but after they’ve run their own tests, they still seem to be doubtful.

Believe me, on my head there’s no wig. I pay good money every six weeks to have my hair cut and colored. I go to Looks Beauty Shop in Saginaw and in Sun City Center, I have been using Sue’s Salon. (I sure wouldn’t need to have someone cut my hair, if it wasn’t “growing” as natural hair grows.)

I know those who question my hair are in effect paying me a compliment, but somehow thinking that my hair appears fake is hard to take and a gentle affront. I feel that I need to prove to the doubters that I’m the real “McCoy.”

Yes, I use hair color, but in more than 60 years, I have never had a perm and my hair is healthy and extremely thick. I wear it at a moderate length, smooth, and with a sort of under curl like a page-boy. That apparently looks artificial to some people. (I cover it with hats to keep the sun from it, I don’t over shampoo and I treat it gently.)

My hair is MINE, all MINE. Not because I paid for it, but because I obtained it the old-fashioned way: I grew it out of my scalp.

If ever I decide a wig is necessary (chemo and aging sometimes require a wig) I will buy one and wear it proudly and without reservation, but for now my head of hair is my own – naturally. Please don’t think my hair isn’t a growing part of me.

Any questions?

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Showing Suzie a Good Time

John’s sister, Suzie, has been visiting for the past eight days. She’ll be leaving tomorrow. Most of our days have been spent at the pool. We’ve had perfect weather.

She’s been busy: a potluck, dances, Rockin’ Rondezvous last Thursday, luncheon, late night golf cart tour, and shopping.
Little Harbor
Last night we took her and our friend, Richard, to Goodson’s Market for pressed Cuban sandwiches and strawberry shortcake. We then went to the beach at Little Harbor to watch the sunset. The photo was taken from the breaker down the beach from the Sunset Grill. The weather was flawless. We walked the beach and had a lovely evening. We came back to our place for a little wine and conversation.

Tonight we’ll top things off with a St. Patrick’s Day party at the South Club. It should be fun. Lots of beer, corn beef and cabbage, Irish music, Irish trivia, and everyone dressed in green.

Right now it’s cloudy but it’s totally dry around here so we wouldn’t mind some rain.

Today: laundry, a few house chores, and tonight the party!!!

Suzie has been a great guest.

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Fun in Warm Weather

Maybe eight hours is a tad overdoing it, but we’ve been at the pool about that long for the past couple of days. It’s been beautiful weather and we’re taking advantage of the balmy temperatures and sun.

Tonight we’re taking it easy. We’re looking forward to Tuesday’s St. Patty’s Day Party at the South Club.

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Having Fun

John’s sister, Suzie Skaryd, (who is really cute) arrived Monday mid-day. Since she arrived, we’ve been on the go. In fact after we picked her up and had her eating at a potluck within a couple hours. We’ve shopped, gone to the pool, hit the resale shop, joined our condo association for a luncheon, viewed the manatees, gone to a lovely dance, joined some friends at the spaghetti dinner at the Elks in Ruskin, and last night attended Rockin’ Rondezvous. That’s all within five days! She’ll be here until next Wednesday (which means she’s about half through her visit).

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Empty house

Yesterday we were up at 4:15 a.m. At a little after 5:00 a.m. we left the condo to take my daughter, Kelly, and her friend, Dottie, to Tampa International to fly to Monterey, CA. We got her there before 6:00 so she could leave at 7:00 a.m. We came back and zoned out all day.

Our final couple of days had been as full as we could make them. Tuesday we went to the street party at Bill and Donna Markham’s and had a very nice evening. Wednesday we were at Busch Gardens all day. It was fairly warm weather and fun (but exhausting).

Getting up at 4:00 a.m. yesterday (Thursday), was tough. The rest of the day we lounged at the pool and took it easy. Last night we went to Rockin’ Rondezvous and sat at a table with Brenda & John and Sissy & Jim, four of our favorite friends. As tired as we were, it was still a great night. We got home fairly early.

Today, lots more pool time.

Kelly called to say she made it safely home to California and is fitting back into the groove of her life. She’s the daughter every parent would love to have: smart, hard-working, fun, considerate and adorable in every way. I miss her already.

I am so glad she brought her friend, Dottie, with her. Dottie is super sweet and really easy to be around. They had a grand time and so did we.

Now the house seems quiet and empty.

I’m glad Kelly loved our place and the entire Kings Point complex. It was nice to have “family” to show it to. The fact that she could so easily see why we like it, made it seem “right.” It was like she gave it her stamp of approval.

Suzie, John’s younger sister is arriving Monday for nine days. I’m sure she’ll fit right in here.

Weather is flawless. We have a busy weekend planned.

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Family Fun

My daughter, Kelly, and her sweet friend, Dottie, have been visiting since Thursday, February 26th. We still have today and tomorrow to cram in lots of fun and memories.

We had two warm, and flawless days on Friday and Saturday so we took advantage and spent those days at the pool, but it turned cool Sunday. We’ve tried to make the most of our time despite the weather. Sunday we went to Roarin’ 20’s Pizza place in Ellenton, FL. It is a popular spot with a large theater-type pipe organ. The music was fun, the pizza super, so it was a good choice for John’s birthday. Yesterday (Monday) we went to Apollo Beach to watch the manatees in the warm water near the power plant in Tampa Bay. After a little bit of shopping we returned to the condo for a nice dinner and a movie. This afternoon we’re going to a street party/potluck at the home of some friends. It’s bound to be fun. Tomorrow, Busch Gardens.

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