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Lookin’ Good!

Our flooring project is looking good but it’s still not completed. The flooring contractor started Thursday and worked long days Thursday and Friday but today was shorter. They’ll be back Monday and Tuesday.

The stairs area has had the final touches but only about 3/4’s of the great room is done so there’s some along the east and the west walls yet to be completed. Plus, once the furniture for GR room is moved from the dining room, they’ll need to start doing the dining area. (And the baseboards will need to be reinstalled too.) It’s much slower than I’d envisioned but they’re doing a beautiful job. The wood is lovely.

With NO FURNITURE in the great room, we’re still stuck in the balcony room for the next few days, but it’s comfortable and we really don’t have any complaints.

We didn’t give out Halloween candy tonight. Normally we’d have close to 200 doorbell-ringers yelling “Trick or Treat” but we didn’t know when the flooring guys would stop working plus we figured that with the H1N1 virus so prevalent, we really didn’t need them coming to our door. It’s always an exhausting couple of hours since I run to the door every few minutes. With us using the living area upstairs, it would have been even more tiring to run to the door.

John’s doing much better. Monday we go back to Dr. Indira, his pulmonologist.

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Our home improvement project!

This morning at 7:30 our contractor arrived to start on our flooring project Brazillian Cherry hardwood will be installed in our Great Room, Dining Room, foyer, and stairway, plus the carpet in our bedroom will be replaced.

He brought a crew of three and they worked all day.

We’re truly impressed by their courtesy and consideration. Example: He asked, and we said he could park his work trailer loaded with our hardwood in our driveway over-night. He was so grateful. He said we were being “so accommodating.” (?? – heck he’s working for us – why wouldn’t we be?) He also thanked us for “putting up with them” today. In case he hasn’t noticed, we’ll get a big bill when the project is complete and we’ll pay it. We’re not putting up with them. We’re sure we’ll be pleased.

It was noisy, dusty, and incredibly loud. I had no idea the noise of a planer taking down the high spots on the sub-floor would be so loud. I finally used an “ear plug” because I couldn’t tolerate the noise. It was overwhelming. And it didn’t help that the crew played loud rock radio all day. But it’s silent now! Yea.

Today Willow and I “moved” upstairs to the balcony room since the workers are occupying the first floor. It’s comfortable up there. There’s a comfy couch with two recliners, a full bathroom, a flat screen tv, a view of the area where they are working, phone and hi-speed internet. We could sleep in the guest room tonight (up here), but I think our bedroom is in good shape (downstairs) and we’ll head down when it’s time to turn in (early) because they’re coming back at 7:30 tomorrow.

They worked today (Thursday). They’ll be back tomorrow. And they plan to be here all-day Saturday. If there’s still more to be done, it’ll be finished up Monday.

Can’t wait to see the results. (You’ll be able to see the before and after pictures here.)

Note: Why now? Because we’re trying to live life to the fullest. The hardwood floor is something John has always wanted and with his frightening diagnosis we realize that it doesn’t pay to postpone plans. Life is too short. If it’s something he’s dreamed of and it’s possible for us to do, then we should do it now so we can both enjoy it.

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d. Great Grandma Brophey (My Inspiration)

GrandmaThe other day, as I frequently do, I mentioned Grandma Brophey to John. He said I should write down my thoughts about her. She was the most influential person in my life. Someday no one will remember she even existed. She was special and deserves to have her story told.

Grandma Brophey was 77 years old when she died in 1963. Her full name was Clara Ann Chamberlain Brophey. Those 77 years represented a life that was remarkable.

The Chamberlains were one of the “founding” Midland families. As first settlers in the area, Grandma’s grandfather had preached to the Indians.

She married Patrick Robert Brophey, about 1906. Grandpa had been married previously and had a daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth (aka Betty) was my father’s mother. That meant Grandma Brophey was my father’s step-grandmother. (Once, when I questioned her about not being related, she said she may not be related “by blood” but she was “by heart” which was much better.)

When my father was three, he came to live with his Grandma and Grandpa Brophey. She couldn’t have children, so they raised my father as their son. At that time, they were well-to-do with a successful business and investments. They owned the biggest share of a city block in downtown Midland plus a couple of houses.

Grandma and TammyBut the stock market crash of 1929 changed their status. Their problems were magnified because Grandpa Brophey was an alcoholic and a gambler. By the time I was born in 1942, they had lost their businesses and houses – most everything.

Grandma supported the family by doing sewing alterations. She would sew late into the night for the wealthy ladies in town. Once they’d been her peers (financially) but they’d lost all that. Nevertheless she had pride and was definitely “a quality lady” who earned the respect of all.

Everyone who knew her called her “Grandma.” She was the kind of caring person who listened to a child, and spoke words of wisdom worth the attention of the most mature.

She took in unwed mothers and let them stay with her at a time when they were shunned. Grandma was a babysitter for the first black couple who moved into Midland (an unpopular role in a town that was 99.999% white). She was very involved with the Presbyterian Church, making their choir robes, teaching Sunday school, and sending “birthday cards” to every youngster in the congregation. She started a re-sale shop at a senior citizen residence facility (the Kings’ Daughters). It’s still on-going.

In the 1950’s she was “adopted” by a Chinese couple so their children would have a grandmother in their new country. (I learned that I had to “share” her during the holidays so she could spend some time with those children too.)

Until I was a teenager, she made all of my clothes (and as a child, I had a complete wardrobe for my dolls long before a Barbie wardrobe was a requirement for a young girl). I was the best dressed youngster you can imagine. As an example, I remember a soft blue wool suit, lovely cape to match, and a navy tam to complete the outfit. (There are several pictures of me when I was about four wearing suits which I recall were all lined.) I remember being asked to “turn around” and display my ensemble by Mrs. Dow (of Dow Chemical Company).

Even with her limited finances, Grandma provided food and necessities for those with less. She was the best example of charity and giving.

I don’t know how she did it financially, but she’d take me to Detroit once a year and we’d stay in the Tuller Hotel on Grand Circus Park so I could see and experience the “big city.” That was always the highlight of my year. She’d bake lovely big sweet rolls (with fresh orange zest) which she’d pass out to the house-cleaning people at the hotel in lieu of a tip. I remember struggling to carry the suitcase from the “bus station” to the Tuller. It probably wasn’t far, but it sure seemed like we walked forever and paying for a taxi was out of the question. While in Detroit, we’d go to Bob-Lo Island and visit the Vernors plant. I got to explore Hudson’s glorious shopping mecca, and we’d dine at the Bonjo Grill.

One Mother’s Day she was named “Mother of the Year” by the Midland Daily News. Yet this was a woman, who’d never given birth.

She was a caring, loving tiny lady; a beautiful white-haired fashion plate, who knew style and was ahead of her time.

She loved me more than anyone in my life and was always there for me to praise when I deserved it, or to show disapproval when I let her down. I remember when I was two or three and I’d spit toward another child. She gave me a minor swat at my rear end. I was shocked. Grandma had never raised a hand to discipline me! I was more surprised than hurt. We both cried.

She tried to teach me to tat, to crochet, to sew and I learned all of those crafts because of her instructions. Any good qualities I possess were probably because of her example.

The summer of 1956, she found a lump in her breast and had a very invasive mastectomy (back then, chemotherapy wasn’t known). In late 1961, she had a heart attack and the cancer returned in 1962.

She passed away in 1963.

I still miss her and I still need her approval.

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Gray Weather and Football

Today will be a day of football for John.

I have a lot I need to do. The flooring installer and his crew should be coming early next week to lay the new flooring. I need to find places for all the stuff that “sits out” so the guys can move the furniture.

I hate gray weather. I really don’t handle dreary days very well.

Our yard is knee deep in leaves. The trees were really pretty a week ago, but the rain and wind are stripping them of all the foliage. It’s wet so the clean up will have to wait until they dry out. John has a riding lawn mower which allows him to bag the leaves without a lot of heavy work. He’s anxious to get started, but today will be an inside day.

Last night we missed the Picks and Sticks concert in Midland. Maybe we overly cautious but the H1N1 flu virus has hit the Midland area hard and it didn’t seem worth the risk to John’s health. He hasn’t been able to get the shot for H1N1 yet. (We have both had the seasonal flu shot.) With our luck someone with the bug would have sat close to us and John’s pulmonologist said that you really aren’t safe up to 50 feet from someone who has it.

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Where will we be Dec. 14, 2:13 p.m.?

On December 14, at 2:13, we hope to be heading into Kentucky (give or take a minute or two and with the hope that the weather cooperates).

I’ve been having fun working with a new (2010) version of Streets and Trips, my GPS program. I have the detailed route planned for our southbound trip to Florida in December. Of course something could change our plans and I try always to stay flexible, but that’s our intention at this point.

I know it’s my quirk. I love “planning” things out precisely. You can see my Michigan to Florida three-day route here:

December Trip Plan.

I don’t just do trip plans. I also do packing lists, to-do-before-we-leave lists, want-to-do-when-we-get-there lists, need-to-remember, etc. etc. Ok, so I’m a little quirky but I worked for 23 years as a hospital planner, and I guess somewhere along the way I caught the “planning bug.”

But we have way too much clutter. We’re NOT “organized.” Maybe my lists keep things arranged in my mind.

Who knows??

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When I thought we’d be heading to Florida in September, I had my bags packed.

Actually I hadn’t really unpacked after I returned home June 13th (after my solo trip south). Since then, I had left a majority of my Florida clothing in the suitcase.

I’ve already duplicated most of the non-clothes items so there are doubles of many items in Florida as well as Michigan (printer, phone system, jewelry cleaner, hair drier, etc.), but my favorite clothing items have been dragged back and forth repeatedly.

In September, when we had to postpone/cancel the September-November trip to Florida because of John’s illness, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, I started looking at things very differently. I realize how fragile life is and how you need to protect your health assets. You also need to be prepared for whatever comes along.

I want to preserve my husband’s energy. I would definitely like to see us start “flying” rather than driving that long trip. Of course we can’t do that as long as we have our little dog, but sadly we know she isn’t well and probably won’t be with us much longer. Flying would be a lot easier on John and that should be our primary consideration. I don’t drive the truck at all (it scares me and I’d be a nervous wreck in the traffic), so all of the driving is on him while I navigate. It’s nearly 1,300 miles but at least we do it at a leisure pace over three days. There have been times when airline tickets were actually cheaper than driving and staying in motels but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

We have a car down there, so we’d just have to have a shuttle or friend take us to and from the airport.

Since I’m now thinking along those lines, I am revising what I’ll be taking to Florida in December and definitely what I’ll be bringing back with me when we return in April. I’m going to try hard to divide my clothes and leave things in one location or the other. I’m starting by leaving my Michigan clothes for next spring and summer. I dress differently in Florida anyway, lots more capris and dressy casual attire. A lot of “party-type dresses.”

When we bought our Florida condo last October, I told John the condo was like an “insurance policy.” Since I’m younger than John and women generally outlive their spouses, I said, “If I am ever alone, I would want to live in Florida.” I would have a hard time handling the chores around our Saginaw home but the condo would be easy for me. Our condo community, Kings Point, even has shuttle service and bus trips for residents who no longer want to drive. The neighborhood is friendly, a perfect place for an individual or an older but limited couple.

Our friends, Jim and Sissy, just sold their up-north house and are now full-timing in Florida. Part of the reason is because Jim has Parkinsons and they feel it will be easier on him to only have one place to worry about.

I doubt that John will be ready to give up our Michigan home anytime soon, but maybe someday, since his disease is “progressive,” he’ll realize that our home is too much work and he needs to conserve as much of his energy as possible so he can stay as well and enjoy life without the responsibilities of a big house. That may be a long way off, but then again it may not. No one can tell how long the medication he’s on will keep the fibrosis (scarring of his lungs) at bay. He’s doing so good now, that I can be hopeful that it’ll never be an issue, but I still want to be prepared. It’ll be easier to start by setting us up to be able to go back and forth without bringing every piece of clothing I own.

So I’m going through the stuff I had planned to bring back to Florida and I want to get used to “traveling light.” What I take down there won’t be coming back with me. (Or at least most of the stuff.) If I find I don’t have something I need and it’s in the other location, I’ll replace it.

With this mind-set, I will be doing a lot of things differently. My husband’s comfort and health is my primary concern. He is definitely able to drive it now, but who knows how he’ll be next year. We may end up with six months here and six months in Florida: April-September in Michigan and October-March in Florida. Whatever is best for John.

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A new dress

I just ordered this dress to wear to the Kings Point Dance Club annual dinner dance we’ll be attending in February. It is perfect (or I hope so). Now I need to get the body toned up to show it off. for Dinner Dance

I also recently purchased a pretty jade two piece crocheted dress for a special evening, the Michigan Club Dinner Dance. It was held at the end of January last year and was a lovely event. The dinner was spectacular and I’ve never seen decorations that were any more beautiful. (They had rented live potted palm trees decorated with small white lights which completely surrounded the huge ballroom.)

I really miss the social life in Kings Point, where we have our condo. Hopefully we’ll make it back for a house party Christmas Eve and a New Year’s Eve party. (We have a couple to choose from.)

In January, we already have several events on our calendar including a dance and a dinner dance.

February should be fun too. Hopefully Brenda and John will have their fun Super Bowl party again. February 16th is the dinner dance where I’ll plan to wear my new dress.

Most of the events are casual, with the exception of New Year’s Eve, some of the dances. Sometimes it’s fun to get dressed up and feel like the evening is special. Several times a month we attend some kind of a potluck or get together and every Thursday there’s the fun Rockin Rendezvous at the South Club House.

John will look special too. He bought a new suit in April (which he hasn’t worn yet). Hopefully it’ll still fit. He’s lost a lot of weight because of his health problem. He may have lost it, but I’ve found it!


NOTE: One week later (Friday, October 23rd) the dress arrived. I was horribly disappointed. The “gems” on the front were gaudy and ugly. When I put it on, it was huge!! I had ordered medium. I am about a size 8 and the measurements definitely said I should wear a medium. John and I could have fit in the dress together. The underarm gapped out a good six inches. It was 8″-10″ too long, but that would have been easy to fix. It’ll be going back. And no, I won’t be reordering it in a small because I doubt that even a small would be flattering.

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Another Doctor Appointment

John had his one month follow up from his biopsy today. Everything looks good. Dr. Maresca said that his lungs sound much better and he can see the difference in the way John breaths when he walks. It’s the Predisone. Dr. Maresca also has a health problem and said he was on Prednisone for a lengthy time. He said, although there is no conclusive proof, when he was on Prednisone, he read up on ways to avoid the side-effects and found there was a recommendation for additional vitamin A. (Which we bought on the way home.)

I’m hopeful and so is John. And it’s hope and optimism that are critical for staying ahead of the disease.


Yesterday one of Mom’s sisters, my Aunt Betty Jean died of emphysema. We went to the funeral home. Aunt Betty was a heavy smoker. She continued to smoke, even after the emphysema was so bad that she was on oxygen 24/7. We were looking at a bulletin board of photos of Aunt Betty Jean’s life. One of the pictures showed her, with my Aunt Ruth, and Aunt Ruth’s husband. The three of them have died. All three had emphysema. All three were smoking in that photo. Sad.

And John’s problem isn’t emphysema, but it’s a lung problem. He didn’t smoke. It seems so unfair!!

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On order

The flooring was ordered yesterday. The installer should be able to start the job before the first of next month. Can’t Wait.

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Doing the floor

Today the second “wood floor guy” came to give us a bid on the installation of hardwood flooring in our great room and dining room. It’s a good-sized area (782 square feet!) The flooring we’ve picked out is lovely (solid 3/4″ Brazillian cherry). It’s a decent sized so both companies have drooled as we told them what we want.

I think we’ll go with the local installer. The other company we called was the floor-covering giant Empire. I’d rather go with a small local business and besides they’re charging less.

I can only imagine what it’ll look like with that lovely flooring, two new small white accent chairs, new white area rug, several white throw pillows and a new black and white wall-hanging with a splash of red. We’ll keep our charcoal leather loveseat and couch and maybe add some red accents. It’ll all be grand and totally fashionable. I hope we can get started tomorrow!!

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First signs of winter

There was ice in the bird bath when we got up this morning. The leaves are starting to change to vivid reds but they are still firmly clinging to the trees.

A year ago, we were moving into our “new” Florida condo. It was an exciting time filled with the promise of a wonderful future in Sun City Center. I’m still very glad we bought the place. The two of us haven’t been able to go back since last April, but we’re hoping to be back down there before Christmas.

I went through my posts to this blog last night. When I was looking over what I wrote last year, I found a post which talks about how COLD it was in Florida at the end of October 2008. This year the temperatures down there are HOT. It appears that by the end of next week, it’ll cool from the mid 90’s (where it is now) to the 80’s but that’s certainly different than the 60 degree high we had on October 28th a year ago.

I realize that when we arrive in mid-December, two months from now, we may be faced with chilly temps. After we arrive it may get even cooler since January is the coldest month of the year down there with occasional frosts. I’m just hoping all the warm days aren’t used up before we head south.

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I love this!

Man Song Lyrics

John even laughed and agreed. (John’s a gem!)

Today we shopped for hardwood flooring for the great room, foyer, and dining room and I think we have picked out what we want. It’s a pretty very hard hardwood called Brazillian Cherry. A lovely warm color.

We’re ready to do it, but we are waiting for the installer to tell us when he can start. We’ll have the carpet ripped up and put it in our bedrom. We’ll also (probably) put wood on the stairs to the upstairs since they are visible from the living room.

The next project will be the kitchen granite counter top and then new flooring in the kitchen, 1/2 bath, and utility room. We aren’t sure what we want to do with those floors. I’m leaning toward ceramic. John would like wood at least in the kitchen.

The great room project is enough for now. One project at a time.

We would like to get it done so we can enjoy it some before we head to Florida in December.

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Interest in!

I don’t understand why people enjoy this site. I know some folks read it regularly while others stop by only occasionally (or when they wonder what we’ve been doing).

Last night I went to the statistics area of my domain. I use a recording system called Webalizer and it computes how many “hits” the site has had. It tabulates them monthly.

I have several sites listed below in no particular order: my biggest and most popular website. my sales website. for the large, popular Flint-based, four-string banjo club. our Saginaw hammered dulcimer club. the Folk Music Society of Midland’s website. site for the popular, talented Dee Dee Tibbits. site for one of my favorite performing music groups. a duo of Celtic musicians. for the festival offered by the FMSM. the club that sponsors the ODPC Funfest. this website.

This collection of websites I design and host, keeps me busy.

Last night, when I reviewed the statistics, I was surprised at what I found. Obviously the biggest, most popular site is It gets nearly 2.5 million hits a year. There’s a wide gap between it and the other sites on the list. The number two site in popularity is a virtual “tie” between my sales site and THIS SITE, Both the sales site and this blog have over 205,000 hits annually. The fact that this site is so popular shocked me.

Why would anyone read this blog? Our lives are dull. I have a tendency to ramble. Sometimes it reads like a diary as a way of recording what we’re doing. Other times, it’s a wish list. Sometimes it’s just narrative of something that intrigues me.

On a personal level, I’ve told the story of how I found my brother (which you can find on the side bar under the heading “family matters.” ) It’s been a travel site when we went out West in 2006. Recently I’ve been following the drama of John’s health crisis.

This site is much too self-involved and there are those who probably see it as an ego trip, but in fact, for most of my life I’ve kept a “journal.” This blog has taken the place of a private journal. It helps keep family and friends up-to-date with what we’re doing, and it lets me record our life so I can go back and review occasionally. Like you, I enjoy re-reading the stuff we’ve done and how I felt about it at the time.

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Florida Doctor

Today I spoke with the Florida Pulmonary Specialist’s office (we haven’t met him, but he was suggested by my Florida internal medicine doctor) and explained how we are hesitating to come to Florida because we want John to have the advantage of Dr. Indira’s treatment plan before we leave for the south.

After talking to that office and thinking about it, I realize that we may be giving John a unique opportunity.

Here in Saginaw it would be an affront to visit another Pulmonary Specialist to get a second opinion, but since we’ll be in Florida, we’ll have the advantage of a second physician reviewing everything without it being a “challenge” to the first physician. So everything Dr. Indira in Saginaw is doing will be reviewed by Dr. Graves in Sun City Center. He’ll confirm the treatment plan or suggest a revision. Therefore we’ll have two doctors working on John’s problem instead of only one.

The doctor in Sun City Center is used to working with a “northern” doctors. He’ll be accustomed to blending his treatment with that of another doctor. But we’ll also have the advantage of having a second doctor review everything so we can be sure John is getting the best treatment for his condition.

John agrees that it sounds like an excellent plan. So hopefully we can leave on December 14th. If Dr. Indira feels she needs another week or two, we can revise our schedule, but we figure that if she knows when we are leaving, she’ll make it work.

I’m feeling much more optimistic.

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John went to his pulmonary specialist today. She reviewed John’s condition and although she sure didn’t make promises, she said all the right things to keep his spirits up. She told of having a partient with John’s same diagnosis who is still living and WORKING as a teacher. He was diagnosed about seven years ago. Obviously John was glad to hear what she said. She also said he is responding well with Prednisone. His lungs are sounding better.

I am optimistic. His doctor (Dr. Indira) is cautiously hoping to wean John off Prednisone, but it’ll depend on how he does. John has a slight inflamation at the site of his surgical procedure. She wants to wait two more weeks before cutting back on the Prednisone and starting him on Imuron. She wouldn’t start him on the other medication until the inflammation is gone because she didn’t want to take a chance that he’d develop an infection if she moved him to the other medication. And if she just cut back the Prednisone, he’d lose what he seems to have gained. So he will stay on this medical schedule for two more weeks and then we’ll see.

I had my list of “questions” for her. She could tell I’ve been doing my homework, and I think she appreciated my efforts on John’s behalf.

We do need to be sure that we have a doctor lined up in Florida. She said she couldn’t see any reason why he won’t be ready to head to Florida in December, but we may need to hold off so the medication schedule can be adjusted. We will do whatever needs to happen for John. That’s the primary focus.

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Cool, Rainy, Miserable

I have always claimed that the rainy fall days in Michigan are my least favorite time of year in our beautiful state. I hate the pervasive chill and the dreary skys. It can also be that way in the Spring, but it seems that Fall is always more rainy and in the Spring know that nice weather will soon be coming. In Fall, the weather that’s coming will be even colder.

Today was that kind of too cool, dark day.

I know my moods are weather dependent. Give me a lovely sunny day, and I’ll feel up-beat. If there’s gloom in my world with skys that are dark, that’s what you get from me.

I guess that’s why I so love Florida. January and February are generally cool, but by cool I mean 70’s. March-June it’s becoming very warm with temps 80-90. July and August it’s dern hot: 90+ degrees. September you’re back into the 80-90’s and by December it’s cooled down to the low 80’s or 70’s. But through it all, there never seems to be a really gloomy period. Yes, we’ve had to endure a week or two of rainy cool temperatures, but I can take that. In fact, it’s been rare when we haven’t been able to go to the pool and soak up some rays any time of the year.

How can I combat the problem? Pray for an early winter. Surprisingly when winter truly hits with white snow which sparkles, I generally cheer up. But when it’s like this, I have a rough time.

So today I looked forward and did what I could to plan for the future. I’ve been going through my packing list, and making sure I know just what I need to do before we take off in December for Florida. Of course, with John’s health so shakey, it’s possible that we’ll have to postpone or even cancel our trip. If we find that we just can’t go to our condo this year, I’ll make the best of it. I’m actually very “flexible” and I’ll take it all in stride.

But I hope we know by mid-late November for sure that we are going (or not). That way I can organize my Christmas plans. At this point, I think we’ll be in Florida for nine days before Christmas Day. It would be fun to plan a holiday party about the 23rd. We’d need to decorate for the season. Figure out some good food, and have a bottle or two of wine.

I left most of my favorite holiday decorations in Florida last year.

Actually I’d love to take a small “real” tree with us from Michigan down there, but I’m realizing that with my allergies it’s probably not wise. (My eyes burn horribly when I’m in the same room with a real tree.) I wouldn’t mind buying a quality artificial tree to have in the corner of our condo living room. I don’t know how John would feel about that, but one-way or the other, I want us to enjoy a Christmas tree this year.

Here are the average numbers for Florida’s temps:
Month; high; low; precipitation; record high; record low
Jan 72°F 49°F 2.79 in. 86°F (1990) 18°F (1981)
Feb 74°F 50°F 3.13 in. 90°F (1961) 24°F (1996)
Mar 77°F 54°F 3.02 in. 92°F (1961) 29°F (1996)
Apr 81°F 59°F 2.05 in. 95°F (1968) 36°F (1987)
May 86°F 64°F 2.98 in. 98°F (1962) 41°F (1999)
Jun 89°F 70°F 7.09 in. 101°F (1985) 51°F (1984)
Jul 90°F 72°F 7.57 in. 99°F (1968) 62°F (1978)
Aug 90°F 72°F 8.67 in. 101°F (1998) 64°F (1984)
Sep 89°F 72°F 7.45 in. 99°F (1998) 57°F (1991)
Oct 85°F 65°F 2.78 in. 97°F (1959) 43°F (1964)
Nov 79°F 58°F 2.31 in. 92°F (1959) 25°F (1970)
Dec 74°F 52°F 2.25 in. 89°F (1961) 20°F (1962)
Sun City Center, FL Weather Facts:
The average warmest month is July.
The highest recorded temperature was 101°F in 1998.
On average, the coolest month is January.
The lowest recorded temperature was 18°F in 1981.
The maximum average precipitation occurs in August.

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Friday… where is time going??

I did the Sub-Strings newsletter and website today. That’s our music club. I also accomplished several other time-consuming chores. John was gone.

I had some bills to pay, some items to prioritize. It all takes time.

Within the past couple of days, I’ve spoken with some of our close friends in Florida to let them know our return has been delayed.

There’s always stuff that needs to be done. I’m still behind.

I enjoy website creation, but it sure is time-consuming.

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