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Time’s Flying

Won’t be long before our time in paradise will be up for this season and we’ll head back to Michigan. Last night John did concede that we may want to stay down here until May because last year we experienced cold weather when we got back up north. We won’t know until we can see the forecasts for the end of April. But the weather in late April and May in Florida is always truly lovely.

Of course, after spending the summer in Michigan, we’ll return to this beautiful Florida location in early October. (Again, depending on the weather.)

I can’t believe how fast time passes. Our February calendar is filling up fast. Seems that as it gets closer to the time the snow-birds leave, every club/organization crowds in more activities. As an example, over the next seven days we have at least 14 firm commitments (lunches, meetings, dances, parties, karaoke, racetrack, etc.)

Believe me, we aren’t complaining. Our life is active and fun!

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Skipping Church

Yesterday the weather was very nice with a high about 74. I had arrived at the pool before 10:30 to get a lounge chair in my favorite area. By noon all of the prime seats were occupied. We stayed until about 4:00. The breeze was a little chilly in the late afternoon, but it was a good day!

I want to spend the day the same way today which means that I won’t be going to church. I wouldn’t get home until about 12:15 and there’s no way I could find a lounger that late.

The way I look at is that God made this beautiful day for me to enjoy. I’ll thank him by acknowledging his wonderful creation.

John’s already playing pickleball (it’s 9:30), but he’ll join me at the pool.

I’m going to go get ready now. It’s a tad cool (60 degrees) but by within an hour I’m sure it’ll be comfortable in the sun.

This afternoon there’ll be a chili cook-off at the clubhouse. I plan to walk back and forth so I’ll get some exercise.

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Dick McCool

I was just thinking of the special friend who officiated when John and I were married. His name was Richard (Dick) McCool.

Chaplain McCool was an inspiration! He’d broken his neck as a teenager and as a result was a quadriplegic.

After his accident, he continued his education, and eventually became a minister. At St. Mary’s Medical Center (where I also worked), he was a protestant chaplain and it was a role he filled perfectly. I got to know Dick when I was facing major brain surgery in 1981. He was totally supportive and always had time to talk though my fears.

I watched him struggle with his disability, but he never felt sorry for himself. He used his own situation to show that life could continue to be great, no matter what difficulties you face.

John and I enjoyed a special friendship with him. When we wanted to get married in 1985, we asked him to perform the service. (He always said we were one of his “few” true successes.) Our wedding was even more special with him officiating over our ceremony.

Here’s an example of Dick’s philosophy: He tried to be totally independent. He used a van with a lift to drive himself back and forth to work. One cold winter evening, when I was leaving work (well after dark), I found him in the hospital parking lot on his back. His chair had somehow rolled backward as it was lifting him into his van and it had tipped him backward. He was a good sized guy and there was no way I could get him up-right. He was laying on his back so I shoved my purse under his head to keep it from laying on the cold cement as I hurried to get help. His comment to me, as I ran off to summon security was, “Don’t hurry. I don’t get to see things from this perspective often.”

People like Dick McCool deserve to be remembered. So I ask you to remember this remarkable man. He died in 1997 at the age of 59.

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Life’s good

We’re been busy lately.. busy but having fun.

We’ve spent time at the pool, gone dancing numerous times, John’s exercised or played pickleball every day, I’ve walked lots.

Unfortunately the pool time is not as attractive now because we’re in a cool spell. For the next few days, we’ll miss out on those outdoor activities. (50’s tomorrow.)

A couple from Michigan, Cindy and Mike Baker, arrived here a couple days after Christmas. We’ve had fun introducing them, and “trying to keep up with them.” Cindy is really active.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Cindy and Mike are leaving from Tampa on a five-day cruise. A big bunch of our friends, the Brooks and Coopers, Bill and Donna and others are also sailing out on a seven-day cruise, leaving Sunday. It’ll be empty around here for a week. We’ll miss them!! But maybe I can catch up on some of my chores: laundry, cleaning, organizing, paying bills, etc.

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Seeing Stars

starsMy vision has been pretty bad for years. I wore corrective lenses (bifocal contacts), but even with them, I missed some things.

Now, after having my cataracts removed and Crystalens interocular lenses implanted, my vision has improved considerably.

I can see at a distance better than I have since I was a child. (My close-up vision still has a way to go, but it’s also improving.) And I’m discovering something I didn’t realize. There are STARS in the sky. I knew they existed because when I was young I could see them, but I thought that, because of pollution and light infringement, stars were no longer visible. I couldn’t see them, and I assumed no one else could either.

But now I see stars. Millions of beautiful white heavenly stars.

I’m in awe.

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Living the Dream!

We talked with several friends over this New Years weekend. One universal feeling is that we are “living the good life.” We worked hard when we were “employed” but now as retirees, we are enjoy a life-style that we never dreamed would be so comfortable.

John and I are typical of our friends. We are relatively health, have lovely residences, vehicles and toys, and we are debt-free. Life is good!

I realize a lot of younger folks are currently struggling. It’s our hope that the economy will improve and when their generation reaches our age, they will be rewarded.

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