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Busy (FUN) Week

Last night (Tuesday) we went to a pool party at the South Club pool. Lotsa fun.

This afternoon (4:00-6:00) there’ll be a Michigan Club Wine and Cheese Party.

Tomorrow we’ll hope that Bill and Donna Markland will hold an “early hour” Rockin’ Rondezvous evening.

Friday we’ll take some couples country lessons.

We’re with our friends at all of these events. Soooo much fun.

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Sunday, Sunday

Nothing planned for today. John’ll probably play pickleball.

Tomorrow we hope to sign the contractor with the “window guy” we’ve selected to do our renovation project. We’ve talked with multiple contractors and have revised our thinking about what will work best. We’ve settled on a project which will take out the 12 small crank open windows and put in three eight foot tall sliding doors. The 8 small windows on the side would also be taken out and replaced with sliding windows. Then on the outside, there’d be a five-foot wide cement slab added which would run from between the bedroom window and the new doors, around the corner and abutt the current screened in lanai. There will be a door added at the end of the current screened area. The roof of the current lanai will be extended about eight feet to be flush with the corner of the condo. (The new roof will replace a current ugly awning which helps protect the side window from golf balls.) We’ve made quite a few changes to our place since buying it. Here’s the floor plan showing the current and proposed changes:

Our Kings Point condo floorplan

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More and More Fun

Tonight we watched the Tigers take the American League Championship. Wow!

We were in the South Club for Rockin’ Rondezvous. Being with friends is always fun, but tonight was more so. We watched the game while dancing. Loved it!

When the tigers scored their second run, the whole place erupted in a big roar.

It was a fun night.

This whole week has been good. Today I was at the pool most of the day and the weather was flawless. Temps about 83 degrees, breeze light, skies blue, humidity was fairly low. Couldn’t be better.

It was a very good day!!

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Our second week

We had a good week. Can’t complain about the weather. Hot and humid early in the week, but that’s changed. Actually yesterday was windy at the pool, which made it chilly when you exited, so we didn’t go in.

Friends have been arriving and more will be pulling in next week.

Tomorrow John has plans to go to a model airplane fly-in and we’ll attend an Oldies but Goodies “dance” Sunday night.

Next week will be busy!

Monday I have a dental appointment (10:45), John has his chorus (1:45-3:30), I have a line-dance class (3:00-4:00) and we have a potluck (4:30).

Tuesday afternoon I have an appointment with my eye surgeon and in the evening we want to go to an Octoberfest party at the clubhouse.

Wednesday our association has a meeting and in the evening there’s a line dance which we have never attended, but it might be fun.

Thursday we’ll have another Rockin’ Rendezvous which is our weekly clubhouse gathering. (This week’s RR was a disappointment.)

It’s so much fun here! True we’ve been doing a bit of “work” too. The condo was rather dirty and slightly overgrown when we arrived so is taking a bit to get it spiffied up. And John has been doing some chores but he gets in a little pickleball every day, and I spend lots of time at the pool.

Life is soooo good.

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More and more fun!!

We’ve been here since Thursday evening. Friday through Sunday we were busy settling in. I got in a little time at the pool, and John played pickleball nearly every day. I cleaned a little and unpacked, but it was enjoyable work.

Monday we met with a contractor to discuss the renovation we’re contemplating to our great room.

After we’d met with him, we took off for the North Club where we applied for new Kings Port badges. John then went to chorus and I shopped a bit then took in the beginners line dance class. It was FUN! I found that the steps came back and before long I felt comfortable, although I need to build my stamina. I truly enjoy the exercise line dancing provides.

Tuesday another contractor came by to give us an estimate. At about 4:30 we were at the South Club for our Taco Tuesday lunch/dinner. At 5:00 karaoke started and by then the crowd had arrived. We enjoyed the evening. The singers weren’t awesome, but it was really FUN! One guy in particular had the crowd dancing with him and we totally loved it!

Of course John and I danced a few dances. While dancing, I asked him if he was having a good time. I didn’t have to wait for his positive answer. It’s obvious that we’re both enjoying ourselves!

I feel the years falling away. And with the exercise I’m getting hopefully I’ll get in better shape. I didn’t lose as much weight over our last month in Michigan as I’d promised myself (only about five pounds). I still need to lose about 10-12 pounds! We eat more big meals here, but I also move lots more. And I’ve vowed to enjoy fewer glasses of wine. I’m even thinking about going to an exercise class with Inga!

Today is Wednesday. John spent the morning playing pickleball and I went to the pool. We enjoyed a nice chat with our friends Shelly and Richard who’d just gotten back from Michigan last night. At a little after 1:00, we headed back to meet with yet another the contractor.

We’re waiting to hear their prices before we decide who to use. We’re leaning toward a three phase project: 1) The window in the living room would be taken out and a three-panel sliding glass door would replace it. The current small door would be covered over. 2) The lanai roof would be extended about 8′ further and that would become a covered patio area which would give us a place for our grill. 3) The side window would be replaced with sliders. We’ve asked for the prices on all three projects but it may mean two different contractors. We’ll see. Here’s what it looks like now.

The way the west end of the great room looks.

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We made it..

We pulled into our place in Kings Point about 8:00 last night (Thursday October 4th) so we’ve been “home” for 24 hours. The last hour of travel last night took us through thunderstorms that were blinding and heavy rain made it incredibly hard to see the road. We had trouble from Dade City to our Sun City exit. Thank heavens there was a confident big van running ahead of us and he had his hazard lights on. We got behind him and made it through downpours that came down so hard that it was unbelievable.

On our way into Kings Point we grabbed a Hungry Howie’s Pizza and enjoyed it and a beer in our condo. That’s pure pleasure when you’ve driven 1,300 miles to get to your destination.

Today we were both pooped. No pool today. Lots of unpacking. We definitely have more to do, but we’re feeling sorta settled-in.

The place was in good shape. Everything working. No problems. Few bugs, but that’s to be expected and the bug guy will do his thing Tuesday (earliest we could get him).

Tonight we made it to the Baby Boomers wine and cheese party. It was mainly a business meeting, but we’re glad we went. Got to visit with Robbin, a good friend, and made two new ones (Don and Elsie).

We still have more “putting away” to do, but tomorrow I plan on lots of pool time. I’ve waited for six months to go to the South Club Pool, and I’m going to be there even if everything isn’t done. We want to do some shopping, but do we shop first or pool first? I think I’ll head to the pool early and then about 11:00 go shopping.

Hope it cools down a tad. It’s been sweltering with 90+ degree temps and equal humidity. But we know we will enjoy the weather here more than in Michigan.

Spent a good deal of time today looking out the window and I’m in awe of the view even in the middle of the day. But in the evening, the sunsets are amazing. Unfortunately evenings for the next few days promise to be over-cast or raining. So I have to be content with just a pretty blue sky, and the ponds.

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We’re on the road south. Left Michigan yesterday a.m. and made good progress. We changed plans in route and ended up staying in Knoxville, TN, at a Quality Inn.

We did have one out-standing thing that happened was when we first got into Ohio. We stopped at a rest area and ran into good friends, Sharon and Sonny Hall. I’d missed visiting with them this summer when we were at Evart because they left early because of the high heat. It was fun chatting with friends so unexpectedly, even if it was a brief visit.

This morning we got a message from our good friends Richard and Shelly. Unfortunately Richard just discovered he needs major surgery, so he’s going to have it in Florida. That means they’ll be arriving Monday, which is earlier than they’d planned. Wish the reason was something more pleasant.

It looks like we’ll be arriving at our condo before dark tonight which will make it good for unloading what needs to be unloaded.

The traffic has been fairly heavy all the way.


We’re in southern Georgia. We should cross into Florida about

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Last post to 2012 Early Spring – All Summer (category)

Tomorrow we’ll be pulling out as soon as we possibly can. I’d like to be up about 6:00 a.m. and on the road by 7:30, but I’ll be happy if we get away by 8:30.

Our house will be safe without us. (A security system adds to our feeling that no would be able to break into our place without getting caught.) Besides we’re taking everything of value with us. There’d be slim pickin’s if anyone thought they could get much out of this place.

We ended up crowding stuff in so tightly that we had room left over.

After tonight, the category of my posts to Sharon’s Blog will be grouped under “2012 to 2013 – Fall and Winter in Fun Florida.”

Hope you’ll follow our escapades in our lovely southern community.

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