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Problems staying a Michigan Resident

I had planned to spend the day at the pool but instead I spent nearly THREE HOURS trying to straighten out our Michigan license tabs (which must be renewed on March 1st). WHAT A MESS!!

We have three cars (two which we’d put in insurance storage mode) and that presented a problem since apparently we can’t re-license a car that’s covered only by storage insurance. Finally, with the help of our long-time insurance agency and restoring insurance, I was able to get everything straightened out. But what a mess!

We’re very honest folks who wouldn’t dream of driving an uninsured vehicle, but no one is driving our car that’s sitting in our garage in Saginaw nor our truck that’s covered with a fitted fabric cover in the RV storage area here in Kings Point. When I started this licensing/taging chore, only our Florida car was insured because it’s the only one we drive: a 2005 black Jag. We had planned to activate our GMC truck’s insurance when we’re ready to drive it back to Michigan.

I have found that folks who divide their time have challenges. Six months in another state, and you’re no longer eligible to be a Michigan resident so technically you need to re-register your cars in the other state and change your drivers license. We are very close to the line but it shouldn’t be that cut and dried. I feel where we consider “home” should definitely tilt the six-month rule. We should be able to choose where we want to call home. John is a Michigan resident with a Michigan drivers license (while I’m a Florida resident with a Florida license).

There are lots of us snowbirds and we’re being asked to walk a tight wire between states to stay legal residents.

Hey, this is the U.S.A. aren’t we’re united?? Aren’t we’re one country?? Having to struggle to maintain residency requirements in the state we want to call home is dumb!!!!

And this car tagging deal is annoying. We have worked it out, but it’s not easy.

At least the check to Michigan Secretary of State office is in the mail with all the proper proofs so we should with be ok our license plate tabs this year.

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Too much fun!

We have actually been “activity weary.” We had so many things to do that we were worn out. There was a lull immediately after the holidays and then a flurry of non-stop activities began. We had a Baby Boomers meeting followed by a wine and cheese party on January 13th. On the 15th, a Sock Hop at the Clubhouse. The 17th, an anniversary dinner at a restaurant with friends. The 18th, a dance/performance at the Community Hall in Sun City Center featuring the Hub Caps. Saturday, the 19th, we attended the lovely Michigan Club Sno-Ball dinner dance (the nicest evening of the year). Sunday, the 20th, there was a Chile Cookoff (contest) at noon, and in the evening an Oldies But Goodies dance. Tuesday, the 22nd, we went to a fun Karaoke evening at the clubhouse, and on Wednesday the 24th, Rockin Rondezvous at the clubhouse where we met-up with a crowd of friends. The 25th (last night) we had a dance class/practice from 5:00-8:00. We wore out about 7:30.

John’s had a cold so his energy level is down. He hasn’t played pickleball for over a week. It’s also been quite cool in the mornings, so staying in made sense. It’s now warming up, so I’ve been at the pool the past couple of days.

While all of the activities were going on, we continued with our condo improvements.

Here are two photos of the external changes we’ve made:

The view on the left was taken when we bought the condo in October 2008. It had been on the market for several years and was very unattractive. On the right you see the improvements we made: new small door, new light fixture, new sliding doors (x3), new window on the end (above the round table), removal of the ugly awning, and newly poured patio area with a connecting door from the existing lanai. Only thing left to be done is the installation of the eves troughs over the sliding doors. (And yes, our association also repainted and re-roofed our building.) No longer an eye-sore.

We’re finding the patio area is really a nice place to sit in the sun.

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Not going any further on the eight-hour plan

I’ve given up the “eight-hour” diet. It didn’t work for me. I didn’t lose an ounce (maybe gained about a pound) even though I stuck with to it religiously until yesterday (about two weeks total.) But I’m not “giving up” the idea of losing weight. Instead I’ll try a different approach.

The eight-hour diet was entirely too easy. I lived my life as I desired. My only restrictions were time related. I did eight hours healthy eating, and 16 hours without any food. But that’s me anyway. I don’t like breakfast so starting at 10 a.m. or even 12 noon wasn’t at all unusual. And we rarely stay up late so ending our food consumption eight hours later than the start, was a snap. It really wasn’t a break in my regular consumption or attitude. I just ate and figured that by watching the clock, I’d lose. I didn’t.

I am certain if I went back on the Weight Watchers “old” Point Program, it would work for me. But admittedly it was WORK when I did Weight Watchers Points before (about 12 years ago). I made it the target of several months of my life. (I thought about little else.) After three months of religiously following the journal practices and limiting myself to minimal “points”, I was more than 20 pounds lighter and could again wear a size 6. But now I enjoy my life so much more completely that it’s hard to think of changing the focus. Guess I need to start “journal-ing again” (which means writing down every bite and sip which passes my lips.) This time I won’t aim for size 6. Maybe a comfortable 8 would be acceptable. No more going “over-board.” I don’t want to become as obsessive as I was before. Will it work with a more relaxed attitude? Who knows?

I just didn’t like the way I felt about my life’s focus when weight-loss was my primary concern. It was like watching what I ate was more important than anything else. I didn’t relax and enjoy my surroundings. But to make my life perfect now, I guess I must seriously confess that I must lose 15-20 pounds and work toward a 20 pound lighter target weight. I need to exercise and move more. I don’t want to be skinny, but I would like to like my reduced shape.

My previous weight loss stuck with me for over 15 years. If I lose this time, it’ll be the last time I need to do it because I’d then be 85! At 85, I promise won’t worry about being tubby!!!

(But I think I’ll wait to start my new effort until after the weekend. We have just too many parties, dinners and dances this weekend.)

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Day Five….

I weigh myself morning and night. This morning I was 1/2 pound lighter. Not much but maybe it’s the start of a trend.

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Fourth Day …

I’ve GAINED a pound (or maybe more) over the past four days. Looks like this diet plan isn’t for me. I’ll give it another day or two, but I sure don’t recommend it at this point.

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Third Day …. No positive results yet

I’m into the third day of my 8-hour diet and so far NOTHING!! It isn’t hard for me to stick to the schedule, but I’m still waiting for the desired results. I haven’t cheated at all and somehow I feel I’ve eaten healthier, but no weight loss yet.

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My weight-loss plan

Yesterday the Today show mentioned a new diet plan.

It is claimed that people can lose weight by eating anything they want, but only during a set eight-hour period. This is usually called the 8-Hour Diet. The authors of the plan feel that staying up late, and eating around the clock in our 24-hour culture is responsible for the country’s high rates of diabetes and obesity. According to an excerpt from the book, ‘Our bodies can’t process the food we eat [after hours], and those calories end up where they shouldn’t – around our bellies and butts.’

It’s suggested that you eat whatever you want during eight hours but fast for 16 hours. You can choose when you want the eating period to start. Fasting for 16 hours will shrink your stomach allowing you to feel full faster.

Obviously if you eat healthy, you’ll do better. They even have a “power foods” list which they suggest incorporating.

Exercise is encouraged (especially for a minimum of eight minutes at the end of the fasting period).

I’m going to try it. I’ll personalize the plan to fit our life style. Each day I’ll try to look ahead and will set my eight hour period to match our planned activities.

If something unforeseen causes me to eat later than anticipated, the next day I’ll start the plan later.

Example: Last night we had dinner later than usual because we went to line dance lesson. It was about 7:15 when we ate dinner. Since I’d had toast at 10:30 a.m. our evening meal was ready beyond my eight hour period which should have ended at 6:30. So I’ll hold off my first food today until after 11:30 and stop eating at 7:30.

Tomorrow we have plans to go to a birthday party which will include dinner and it starts at 5:30. I think I’ll have the eating period start at noon and end at 8:00.

Thank heavens I can drink non-caloric beverages (including coffee) during the fasting period. Lots of water is encouraged.

I’ll keep you posted on how it works.

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2013 Resolutions

1. I vow to LOSE weight which means I will be healthier with more energy. I won’t state a number of pounds, although I have an in-mind goal. If I write down what I eat, it’ll happen.

2. I really must to do more eye exercises so I can see better close-up.

3. I want to walk more and go to more exercise classes. Dance classes count.

4. I vow to always keep our lovely condo in show-off shape and make sure our friends feel welcome to stop in any time. (And when in Michigan, I’ll try to do the same. In fact, in Michigan I promise to purge!!)

5. I will enjoy our wonderful life more. I will go to pool every chance I can and savor every minute.

These resolutions will be tough to stick to but I’m determined.

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