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A different kind of cold

Most of my life I spent my winters in Michigan where I’ve experienced lots of frigid temperatures. I remember once when it got down to -32. There was also an occasion when the fuel in the car “froze.”

There is something about Florida cold that is more penetrating. You can look out at lovely sunshine, but when it’s only the 50’s, it’s dern chilly!

This week the temps plummeted. Last night and the night before, it went down into the 40’s. Burrrr!

At least we haven’t had frost but the heat has been on and I threw another blanket on the bed.

I noticed this morning one of the “walkers” had on snowboots, a heavy jacket, and one of those Yooper Stormy Kromer hats.

The news suggests bringing in your pets and cold shelters have been opened for the homeless.

But the hearty tourists are determined to enjoy the “warmer” weather so they can be seen in tee shirts, shorts, and flip flops.

too true

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They came and we’re satisfied

Our new chairs and table. We may enjoy lunch here, but probably won’t eat dinner at the table until later in the season. (When we have dinner at this time of the year, it’s so dark out that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the view.)


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Upset with

In early December I made a purchase (for myself) from Choxi for an undergarment that didn’t fit at all (despite the fact that I’d checked and used the measurements suggested for the item.) It wasn’t cheap ($29) so when it didn’t fit, I contacted the company and set it back. As a result, after it was returned, I had $29 credit for other purchases.

I shopped the site and found a RCA 7″ tablet for John. With the credit ($29), I only had to pay an additional $12, or $41 total.

The tablet came but it was a disappointment because it wouldn’t charge. I thought it was just the charger cable, so I bought another charger on eBay, but it didn’t work any better. It was obvious that the tablet was the problem.

I contacted Choxi on December 21 and talked over the problem. I was given a choice: return the tablet and have a replacement shipped or I could get a $41 refund. I opted for the refund. I made sure, I had the amount to be refunded in writing:

The confirmation email I received included this statement: “Once processing is complete, a refund will be issued for the amount of $41.00.”

Today I saw the refund amount in my Visa credit card on-line statement. It was for $12. I wasn’t happy. I called Choxi and explained the whole situation and that I have in my possession an email which stated the refund would be for $41.

After a loooong conversation, I got the customer rep to agree to credit the $29 back to my credit card. At first he said, “But it’s a credit on your Choxi account and you can spend it.”

I said, “I’ve purchased two items from Choxi and I’ve returned both of them. Why would I want a $29 credit with your company?”

I’ll hope the $29 eventually gets into my Visa account. I’ll post that happens.


Didn’t take long. The full $41 has now been credited to our credit card. Thanks Choxi.

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Shopping on line

In Michigan, we enjoy eating in front of our great room window facing the lake. We sit there long after the meal has finished just chatting – often for hours.

Here in Florida we eat at the bar, which is convenient, but it doesn’t give us a view of anything but the TV set.

Today I shopped for a small table and two chairs to go in front of our slider windows which overlook the golf course and pond. The set will be small enough that we’ll be able to see past it and it won’t obstruct our view. I shopped for THREE hours but I think we’ll like what I picked out.

Here is a photo I put together of the two purchases (two chairs, although my photo shows only one, and the table with a totally transparent pillar). I’m not sure I got the sizes correct, but close.

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My Resolutions for 2016

Sadly my main resolution (self-promise), like the one millions of others make, is to lose weight. I say “sadly” because I’ve made the same promise for years and years. Never works!!

I mentioned my desire to slim down to my physician who discouraged me by saying that I am where I should be. Regardless, I would feel better if I could lose about 15 pounds of belly-fat.

I know the basic “how-to-do-it.” I just need to eat less and exercise more. I need to cut-back to a maximum of one glass of wine with dinner, not two or more; and at parties, consume less and no munchies.

I will be happy if I lose 3/4 to 1 pound a week. If I can do that, by the time we get back to Michigan, I should be down to my goal.

I won’t eat many sweets (’cause I don’t enjoy them anyway), and fewer chips. I’ll try to eat more salads.

And now that the temperature is lower, I will try to walk more. I will attempt to meet a goal of 8,000 to 10,000 steps daily. I’m not going to talk about it, just do it! I will weigh myself at least once a day in the a.m. and keep a ledger at least weekly. If I don’t see a four pound loss by the first of February, I will go back to writing down every bite I eat. I won’t be upset if every day I don’t stick to my goals, but if I can work toward ultimate goal, I should be successful.

And I’ll try to remember to take my vitamins and eat more hot peppers (’cause they help with digestive problems).

This I vow!!!!

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