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My health

I’m so consumed by John’s health problems, that I rarely think about mine, but this week I made an effort and had my first mammogram in many years and I also had ultrasound on a lump on my neck. Hopefully both tests will show that everything’s fine. (I haven’t heard back yet, but both techs sounded like I have nothing to worry about.)

I also had my eyes checked this week and that was a bit scary because I know my both mother and my aunt were blind when they died. I was worried about glauchoma but I show no signs of it. Whew! But I know I have the starting of macular degeneration (which I was diagnosed with last year), but I was pleased that it hasn’t progressed at all.

So I am apparently quite healthy, and I just need to worry about John.


I got the results back and I’m healthy. Nothing negative to report at all. The neck swelling is apparently fluid and the mammogram showed nothing irregular. I have my fall tests scheduled with my primary care physician when we return, and an appointment with my wrist surgeon in Michigan, but I guess for a 74-year-old lady, I have no health major concerns.

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