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John’s in the hospital again

Thursday John had a colonoscopy. (He had five polyps removed and instructions that he needs to see the doctor in about 10 days when the results from the biopsy are known). He felt pretty good after the procedure so we fixed a dinner and he relaxed at home that evening (Thursday).

At about 4:00 yesterday (Friday) morning he got incredibly sick. He vomited and was in severe pain. We referred to the discharge instructions from the colonoscopy. It said if these symptoms developed and we couldn’t reach the doctor, we should head to the emergency room. We tried calling the doctor without success and I said, “I’m taking you to the outpatient ER.”

When we got there, they felt he was very possibly having or heading to a heart attack. He was transported to the main campus by ambulance and eventually had a cardiac cath. Thankfully he had no heart problems but they kept him overnight. It was a long day. I got home about 6:00 pm.

The doctors were still doing some final evaluation when he called me a short while ago. Hopefully he can come home today. I’ll wait until he calls.


About 3:00 he called. I went after him. He’s home! Yeah!!

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Still hot here.

We head to Florida, October 14th. Depending on weather, and traffic conditions, etc. we’ll probably reach our destination the evening of the 15th.

As we exit I-75, we’ll stop and pick up a pizza from South Shore Pizza which is just a couple miles from our condo. With pizza in hand we’ll continue to 2604 Newcomb Court and enjoy the pizza with a beer or two in our Florida home while waiting for the A/C to cool our place. Unloading the vehicle isn’t really necessary that night, but we’ll probably bring a few things inside.

We have a week before our hectic appointment schedule will kick in. Lots of time to settle in and take in pool visits and exercise classes.

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Still trying

I’ve lost only three lousy pounds since I started in late June. I should have lost at least a pound a week but with my hand operation, the festival we just attended, and the extreme hot weather, my ability to shake off pounds with outdoors exercise is limited. I haven’t given up. I know I need to try even harder: less wine, more exercise, fewer muchies.

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Mountainsmith trekking polesWe’ve been staying inside where we keep the A/C temp set at 76-77 degrees. Outside it’s high 90’s and HUMID. Major yuck!

No plans to spent time outside until it is more comfortable.

After watching my friend Linda with her trekking poles, I bought a pair to assist me walking. I plan to take increasingly longer walks around our lake but for now, I’m making a circle inside the house. It takes a while to get the rhythm of the stride and I’m improving but it’s still not second nature. Maybe, by the time it cools down, I can trekk correctly.

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Facebook ads

I hate the scare tactic “sponsored” ads that frequently show up on the right side of my Facebook page. In an attempt to get your attention, the headlines make it look like they’re posting a newsworthy DEATH NOTICE. This morning the first of these ads I saw contained headlines that Jane Fonda is gone with reference to medical examiner. Right under it was an identical ad saying Jamie Lee Curtis is gone. Since only a few words are shown, they hint at the loss of a famous personality but you must click and read on. This morning I checked. Both actresses are still with us. If you are drawn in and continue to read the article, you’ll find it’s an ADVERTISEMENT. I think it’s despicable that these ads scare tactic ads are allowed. They cause unnecessary sad emotions. Ignore them.

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Heading back to Florida….

Summer’s going fast! During the remainder of July, we have a family dinner and John has a colonoscopy scheduled next Thursday. (Not fun.) Not much else.

During August, we have a 60th class reunion (John’s), we hope to get to the U.P. for three to five days, there’ll be a Skaryd family reunion, and a wedding (John’s sister’s granddaughter).

In September, we will have our first-Wednesday-of-the-month senior potluck and a family dinner, but little else to anticipate. In fact, I’ll have the “fun” (HA!) of writing the three checks to pay Michigan property taxes by mid-September. Near the end of that month, we will start packing the truck so we don’t have to rush when we leave on October 14th.

I’ll be glad to get back to Florida where we constantly have fun stuff on our calendar. When we arrive on October 15th, there’ll be only 15 days remaining in that month. During those two weeks, we have an Elvis Party, Michigan Club Welcome Back Party, an Oldies But Goodies dance, a Baby Boomers tribute to the Beatles evening, doctor and eye appointments, twice a week exercise classes, and if we feel like it, dips in the pool. In addition we’ll be cleaning our Florida condo and settling in. Busy! Busy! Busy! And that’s not including a probable Halloween celebration.

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We’re back in our Michigan home

The festival was really fun, but it’s good to be home. We are more comfortable here.

John wants to go to the Upper Peninsula before we head to Florida but I’d prefer to skip it this year unless we’re arranging for a real estate agent to sell it.

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It’ll all be a memory

Tomorrow we’ll head home from our ODPC Funfest (the largest hammered dulcimer event in the world).

I must admit that we’ve had less “fun” than in the past. We have turned in earlier, and haven’t made much music. But visiting with friends has been great and I’m really glad we came. I think it did us both a lot of good to get out.

John’s looking healthier all the time. He runs out of steam faster than in the past, so we are less active. Hopefully now that the pneumonia is totally gone, he will get stronger. He may never get off oxygen, but living with it is better than the alternative!

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Northwest to Evart, MI

We figured that, since I’m now “retired” and no longer in charge of workshops for this huge dulcimer festival, it would be easy packing. We wouldn’t need all the stuff required in my role as “hostess.” Somehow it didn’t work out that way. We are stuck with the mentality that we need to have everything “just in case.”

And of course, I wanted to be sure that our friend, Linda, would have everything she might need.

We ended up packing only our 10×10 foot Easy-Up and won’t plan to erect our huge 20×20 foot Workshop Leader Rest Area canopy, but since the big one stayed at the fairgrounds, it really didn’t change what we had to bring. We did leave at home many of our folding chairs since we no longer need to accommodate dozens of folks (but I can count a half dozen plus a two-person lounge chair). And we only packed in one five gallon water jug since it’s doubtful that we’ll be able to access ice as easily as we could with the Workshop Chairman golf cart.

We didn’t bring the multitude of workshop programs nor the box of batteries we used in the portable amps and mics.

We had figured we wouldn’t get started until about noon but we left at about 11:00.

Linda’s having brunch with her son in Brighton. She should to Evart by about 3:00. She’s leaving Wednesday so wants a couple days to visit with her music friends.

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We’re going to try it…

Neither John nor I are in prime physical condition. I’m unable to lift much and John gets winded really easily. He was evaluated by his pulmonologist and his pneumonia is nearly gone, but cardiac problem and his IPF has limited him.

And then there’s my wrist which is much better but still limited. I got the stitches out yesterday, but was warned against heavy work. It looks pretty good, but the scars are very visible.

We really want to go to Evart (our huge dulcimer festival). We’ll try, but we know the whole get-ready, get-there, set up the campsite, enjoy it, and pack up for home and return program is beyond what we’re currently capable of. We have struggled when we were well. I don’t know how it’ll work, but we’re planning to go. We’re trying to pare back. We just can’t go with dozens of chairs and all the lifting and toting that involves. But we want to be there having fun. It’s a hard balance to reach.

Our friend, Linda Conklin, is coming tomorrow to help us pack the RV. We have a lot already done, but John still needs to install the 5th wheel in the back of the truck bed and hook it up to the RV. He needs to load in his scooter.

I truly love Linda. She knows how to help. We will enjoy her visit. She’ll also join us at Evart, and then fly back to Florida. We won’t see her this fall/winter in Florida because she (and Wayne) will be heading to Mexico in September and won’t be back in the states until April.

I have almost all of the clothes I’ll need out in the trailer. We’re leaving Sunday.

It’ll work. I’m confident. But we couldn’t do it without Linda. We truly appreciate her!

It’s tough to be handicapped. I have to admit we are no longer physically able to do it all but with the help of our friend, Linda, we want to try.

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Today, July 6th, 2016, we have been in Michigan 57 days, after our nearly seven months at our condo in Florida. In eight days the ODPC Funfest starts. In 101 days, we’ll be heading back to our Florida paradise. In 307 days, we’ll be back in Michigan in May 2017.

I love keeping track of lists, count downs, etc. I know it’s a weird obsession.

I don’t care that the date we’ll get back to Florida is October 15. To me it’s more fun to know that it’s 101 days.

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Missing our Florida Friends

This is the first time in since 2011 that we haven’t headed to either the Cooper’s or the Brooks’ homes for a great 4th of July party.

Richard and Shelly Brooks sold

    this beautiful home (click to see)

on Cedar Island Lake and are now full-timers in our Florida community. There will be no further parties at this location for this big crazy bunch of fun-loving Michigan/Florida folks.

We miss the fun time we shared with that great group.

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I got a call from my surgeon’s office the day before yesterday. The appointment to remove my stitches was rescheduled from the 5th to the 6th. I was disappointed with the delay.

While talking with Dr. Taha’s assistant, I told her I have been going without the big elastic bandage a great deal of the time. She told me I need to keep the pressure wrap on to protect from infection. (I am sure it’s healing nicely, but I have been doing as I was told.) I liked being able to use my finger and was certain that with that exercise, I would lose less strength but I’m obedient.

The wrap causes my arm to itch but I’ll admit that, after it’s on for a while, it does feel better and more “protected.”

I hope I don’t have to go back to physical or occupational therapy, but somehow I won’t be surprised if it’s suggested.

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