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August Plans

Sometime within the next couple of weeks we need to go to the Upper Peninsula to check on our place. Hopefully we’ll stay only part of a week.

Hope we miss the mosquitoes, the biting flies, and the wood ticks.

When we get there, we need to fix the screens. They fell apart last year. Literally fell apart! They were so old. One had a small hole which tried to cover with tape. As I worked, I realized that screen had two or three or a dozen and when I touched the screen, more would appear. Screen by screen they dissolved from age.

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Florida Guests

This afternoon we got a call from Joannie Franz. She, Shelly and Caroline who were headed back to Cooper’s and they wanted to stop at our place.

We had a great visit.

It was so nice to have some of our Florida friends in our house. I can’t remember when we’ve had any guests.

They were very complimentary about our place. And, since they know we want to sell our place, they had excellent suggestions.

For example, we’d been thinking we need to “fix up our house” but they suggested that instead we set a price and offer a reduction by xxx dollars equal to what we think would help with a “remodel.” That way the buyer can buy (and feel they’ve gotten a deal) and the remodel would suit their tastes.

Shelly, who sold her place last year, suggested that set it up for sale before we leave in October (2017) and we list it for April 2018.

Someone also suggested that we hire an estate sale business rather than having a “garage” sale. Caroline said, “Hire someone to do the work, don’t do it yourself.”

I mentioned we need to scrub dow the kitchen and she said, “Have it done by a cleaning service.”

So we came away with lots of good ideas.

As they left, they said they think our place, with it’s view, will sell quickly.

I was ready to try to prep it before we head south, but logically I realize we have a lot of clutter to get rid of. I don’t think we can do it by our departure on October 6th. ( days until we leave for Florida.) So maybe we’ll get the realtor to come to our house and look over things so we’ll know what we need to eliminate/change. Then we’ll start on that list, but finish next year when we get back. We’ll try to have it ready to sell by April 2019.

This year, we can take the suggestions of the realtor and work on them. We’ll check out the hottub to see if it still works, and purge as much as we can. Maybe we’ll hire a contractor to put the drywall back up in the basement so it doesn’t look like we had a flood.

Some precious stuff we’ll take with us to Florida in October (especially my harp that John built). I’ll try to sell some craft items on eBay, and we’ll deal with the rest next year.

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We don’t dance anymore

John’s health problem has limited his/our fun activities. We used to be the first ones on the dance floor, but now his stamina is so limited that we wouldn’t even make it to the floor. Our activities are limited.

Last night we joined his siblings for our monthly dinner and it was enjoyable, but that’s one of the few times we’ve done anything social since we returned to Michigan in early May.

I hope we can attend the parties in our Florida community. Even if we aren’t dancing, we can enjoy the company of our friends. I have put several dates on our Florida calendar: the Michigan Club welcome back party, a sportsman’s club barbeque, a Oldies but Goodies Halloween party, a Bill & Donna Elvis street party, Thursday country couples gatherings at the clubhouse, a November Michigan Club party/dinner, and in December at least two holiday dinner/dances as well as our HOA holiday dinner.

It’ll be fun to have stuff to look forward to. We will go to two-times-a-week exercise classes and probably tai chi on Mondays and Wednesdays. I vow to go to the pool at least once or twice a week. We need to do more to make life enjoyable. I love the company of my husband, but we need to be around more people.

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Have you noticed the counter?

On July 25th I added a “counter” to count down until we arrive at our condo in Florida.

I prepared it using the 8th of October as my “count-down-to” date. I could just as easily have done it showing when we leave for Florida (on the 6th of October).

Here’s what comes up when I do it that way: days until we leave for our Florida paradise.

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I am careful with my grammar

I just took a grammar quiz. The results stated:

“CONGRATULATIONS!! You ACED this quiz! WOAH!! Did you know that only 3% of Americans can get a perfect score on this grammar test? You must have a masters degree from an Ivy League. No grammar question that can fool you… Have you considered becoming an editor? Well done on your score!!”

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Count down Timer

days until we leave for Florida.

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Where’d my energy go?

I have absolutely no zip. I don’t want to “go back to bed” but I’d be happy to veg out all day on the couch. I know there is work to be done, but I keep putting it off.

Wonder how I can get motivated.

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Hooked on eBay

Last month I got rid of a lot of clothes that didn’t fit or were antiquated. I vowed not to buy more but I do recognize that my “social” wardrobe needs up-dating.

Today on eBay, I bought a cute, black, (cheap), Alfani top (see the left photo). It was about $50 off the Macy’s price. Actually with a proper matching pair of capris, pants, or a skirt, I think I can create a versatile, dressy outfit, so it’ll be wearable lots of times.

Last week (again on eBay) I found some cute medium high sandal-style heels (brand: I Love Comfort) and a colorful, Arueh bright print dress with a lot of stretch (really nice, feels like high-end fabric.) It’s the picture on the right side.

I don’t need new items while in Michigan, but in Florida, I like a variety and these were all brand new and at rummage sale prices.

eBay also provided an opportunity to pick up a new battery for my Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve had the same old battery since I bought my Kindle in 2013 and it doesn’t last like it did before. I haven’t installed it yet because here in our house, I can keep my Paperwhite plugged in, but when I want to spend a long day at the pool in Florida, I’ll need more battery life.

Earlier this summer on eBay, I did grab a couple of super cute bargain tops.. a Chico’s water colored floaty top as well as one that’s red cold-shoulder with fluttery ruffles on the sleeves.

I spent less than $100 total on EVERYTHING I’ve pictured or mentioned. John says I’m a cheap date. (Definitely not high-maintenance.) But from here on I vow I am going to avoid looking on eBay because what I have is more than significant for my needs both here and in Florida. I’m trying not to wear the new stuff very often until we head south so they’ll be extra special for parties in Florida. I did wear the water colored floaty top to a dinner last week and received several favorable comments.

The activities and our friends in Florida are why I enjoy our life in the south so much… Lots of time to look our best.

We already know we’ll be going to a bar-be-que on October 16th, the Michigan Club welcome back party on the 26th and a Baby Boomers Halloween party on the 28th. In November, we resume our weekly Thursday gatherings before Rockin’ Rendezvous, a street party, and another Michigan Club party. I don’t know yet how many holiday parties we’ll attend in December but I know there’ll be several (at least three that I’m aware of).

I’ll soon wish I’d gotten more cheap clothes.

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Is it Time?

I loved website design, but I’m not really interested in maintaining it any longer (except for my blog). I’d just as soon give up the and sites. I know they’re valuable, but I don’t want to be bothered with them. They’re both out-of-date and to up-grade them would require learning new skills. I am preoccupied with our situation and can’t concentrate long enough on site design to do what I’d need to do.

Maybe I’ll advertise that I’ll sell them and see what I could get.

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Losing Weight

John likes to suggest that I lose weight but I had a good rebuttal tonight. I used what Dr. Marquez had said to me when I told him I want to lose at least 20 pounds. Dr. Marquez said, “And what happens if you get sick?”

I explained to John, if he’d been at his optimum weight a couple years ago, he’d be skin and bones now. He had a little extra to give and he’s now over 30 pounds lighter but it’s a weight he can live with.

We know of several friends our age who have lost weight because of illness (Martha and Dotty come to mind immediately). For many years, both ladies tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. Now they have because of illness. They are actually skinny. I’m sure they both know they can’t lose more and survive.

I am not saying I don’t want to lose weight, but I know I’m healthy at this level. (I’m about 138.) I have been saying I want to lose 20-25 pounds but if I lost that much, I’d be too thin and I’d look lots older. And I need a little emergency fund in case of illness. Like Dr. Marquez said, “Look around you. Bet you weigh less than most of your friends.”

Nevertheless, I know I’d feel I’d be better at least 10 pounds lighter. Maybe 125-128 would be a good goal level (10-13 pounds)

My scale took about five pounds off me when we got back from Florida. Wonder if I could get a scale that would take me down to my goal.

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Yesterday we went to Evart for the afternoon-evening

A short visit to my favorite festival, the ODPC Funfest. It seemed very different this time but maybe it was because it hasn’t officially start. Thursday, the 13th, is the first official day.

I was glad we went, but wish I’d come away feeling that it’ll always be the Evart we love. Instead we both felt it had “changed.”

Several workshop leaders brought their complaints to me and I listened, but obviously there’s nothing I can do and change is inevitable. Things like a different balance of instruments (which was always 50% hammered dulcimer and 50% all other instruments combined), no “festival ribbons” (instead wrist bands), a drastic change in admission fee.

The jamming was almost non-existant. We did hear a few tunes coming out of the rabbit barn, but that was all. (Of course we left about 6:45 so most hadn’t started.)

But friends are still friends and a lot of nice people welcomed us with open arms. Some things never change.

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First time we’ll missed the ODPC Funfest in 26 years

We hope to drive up to the Evart fairgrounds Wednesday, but probably we won’t attend the actual festival which starts Thursday.

With John’s health problems, it’s too exhausting for him. We started going in 1991 and have never missed. That’s 26 years but John is more important.

We’ll drive up, visit with the Conklins and others.

We can’t take the 5th wheel. It’s too difficult to set up, hook up, and take down.

If we can figure a way John can work out the problem with his oxygen, we may go back on Saturday but he only has about six hours of battery life. We’ll see how Wednesday works.

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