Super Bowl Sunday

I’m in a Super Bowl (gambling) pool for tonight. My numbers are 2 for Broncos and 6 for the Panthers. Hopefully my numbers will match the last digit of a quarterly score, or better yet, the final score. In other words, a score could be 22 (or 12) for the Broncos and 6 (or 16) for the Panthers and I’d win (either as a quarterly or final score).

I just went to a website that shows the odds for each number combination. Based on the past 49 Super Bowls my numbers have NEVER come up at the end of any quarter!! NEVER EVER! I’ll pray my numbers will win, but I’m not very optimistic because I’m sure there are others He would correctly deem more worthy.

Here’s where you can find the best and worse Super Bowl pool numbers: Super Bowl Odds Probabilities.

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