Time is Running Out

142 days ago (as of today, February 28th), we arrived in Florida (October 10th, 2015).

It was warm and lovely during the months of October, November, and December. But January and February we had cool weather but spring’s now right around the corner. Two weeks from today clocks spring ahead when daylight savings plan goes into effect. The temperatures are now warming and hopefully we’ll be in the mid-70’s this week.

In 70 days we’ll be packed up and on the road north. In fact 70 nights from tonight, hopefully we’ll be just north of Atlanta.

I love it here in Florida, but with the cool weather it’s felt like I’ve been robbed of some of the fun stuff we enjoy.

We’ve attended some enjoyable parties. On January 23rd, there was the very nice Michigan Club SnoBall and since then, several other fun evenings. We attended a wine and cheese party put on by the H.O.A. We had a good time at a couple caribbean themed dances, and last week I was chairman of the Michigan Club’s annual pizza party which was a tremendous success.

Sadly John’s best friend, George, died last week. We knew it was going to happen, and George called him two days before he passed. They’d said their good-byes. Still heart-breaking.

John’s health continues to deteriorate. He’s now on a new medication which may help. We’re praying.

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