Catching you up

Let’s see… What’s happened lately?

John has been suffering from side effects from his new medication which has caused nausea. Not fun.

We had a visit from Mary Lou and Hugh Battley this week. They are Michigan friends who attend our big Evart festival. They were staying in the Orlando area. On Tuesday they stayed overnight with the Conklins, and Wednesday they came here for a brunch. In addition to the Conklins, Cindy & Mike Baker also joined us for the brunch. It was sort of an Evart reunion. They even made music.

I worried for about a month about our license tabs. Two of our three mandatory license renewals came quickly (they expired on John’s birthday, March 1st), but the GMC truck’s didn’t show up and we will drive it back to Michigan. Finally I contacted the Michigan Secretary of State’s office and the tab was re-sent. And yes, you guessed it, the first one finally arrived and two days later, the second one came. We’re doubly set.

We haven’t gone to the pool much. John’s concerned about “catching something” and swimming pools are a prime spot for picking up germs. I know that if I catch a bug, he’ll end up with it so it just isn’t worth the risk. After spring breakers have headed back north, we may try the Nantucket pool, which doesn’t have as many children.

During April, we have several fun activities to look forward to: a dance with a great band April 1st (Rocky and the Rollers). John’ll be in the mixed chorus concert a week from tomorrow (the 4th). The Michigan Club will give all workers a great appreciation dinner April 8th. We are invited a cookout/potluck at the home of fun friends on the 9th; the 10th there’s an Elvis street party. The 17th we’ll attend a dance and dinner (free) for Baby Boomer members. And on April 23rd, our friends the Conklins are going to host a 40th anniversary party.

The number of activities in April is down a bit from earlier months, but we’ll be out and about.

We’ll also have doctor appointments galore. John has several and I have one with my GP and one with my eye doctor.

Forty-two days from today we leave for Michigan (May 8th).

I love being in Florida, but I’ll be ready to head back. Just hope the snow storms have stopped by the time we drive back, and the rock slide damaged highway is repaired near the Tennessee/Kentucky border.

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