Heading back to Florida….

Summer’s going fast! During the remainder of July, we have a family dinner and John has a colonoscopy scheduled next Thursday. (Not fun.) Not much else.

During August, we have a 60th class reunion (John’s), we hope to get to the U.P. for three to five days, there’ll be a Skaryd family reunion, and a wedding (John’s sister’s granddaughter).

In September, we will have our first-Wednesday-of-the-month senior potluck and a family dinner, but little else to anticipate. In fact, I’ll have the “fun” (HA!) of writing the three checks to pay Michigan property taxes by mid-September. Near the end of that month, we will start packing the truck so we don’t have to rush when we leave on October 14th.

I’ll be glad to get back to Florida where we constantly have fun stuff on our calendar. When we arrive on October 15th, there’ll be only 15 days remaining in that month. During those two weeks, we have an Elvis Party, Michigan Club Welcome Back Party, an Oldies But Goodies dance, a Baby Boomers tribute to the Beatles evening, doctor and eye appointments, twice a week exercise classes, and if we feel like it, dips in the pool. In addition we’ll be cleaning our Florida condo and settling in. Busy! Busy! Busy! And that’s not including a probable Halloween celebration.

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