Nice weather

The temps have ranged from afternoon highs in the mid 70’s to low 80’s and at night down to the 50’s.

We went to Busch Gardens today and enjoyed the 1950’s four-some, “The Diamonds.” They did an a capella version of “Surfer Girl” that I loved.

On the way home from Busch Gardens we were shocked by a near accident. We were on I-75 south. As we passed Big Bend Road, John let out a yell. He’d just witnessed a collision in his rear view mirror Thank heavens we’d just passed the scene so we weren’t involved. Apparently a car decided too late to exit and he t-boned the car beside him. Even in the mirror, John could tell it was really bad. (We were too far past to stop.) I called 911 and no one had reported it so I told them what John had witnessed. John was shook, and so was I.

Checking with Waze traffic app showed “Major Accident” with miles of back up on I-75. Channel 10’s traffic report said “injuries reported.” If we had been a second later, we could have been involved. I thank God we we had just passed that spot.

Shakes you when you realize that what just happened behind you could have involved you. John’s an excellent driver, but when a car whips from one lane to another and you’re in the way, it would be nearly impossible to avoid. I tried but wasn’t able to learn how badly hurt the victims were but I did read that there were injuries.

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