Out and about

We were totally inactive for a week or two. John’s bronchitis knocked him for a loop. I developed a sinus problem that has hung on for about a week. Without any energy, we were both forced to spend most of our time on the couch vegging.

Friday we decided to use tickets we’d purchased weeks ago and we headed to the Baby Boomers’ Valentine’s party. We only stayed about 90 minutes, but at least we got out of the house and saw friends.

Saturday we attended an afternoon wine and cheese party offered by the Home Owners’ Association. It’s always a fun time.

Unlike the other parties we attend, we intentionally avoid sitting with people who are close friends. Instead we invite strangers to join us. I always suggest writing down the names of those at the table. With these “cheat sheets,” it’s easier to get acquainted.

We had a nice time and devoured five bottles of wine between seven of us.

Tonight there’s an Oldies but Goodies dance but I doubt we’ll try to make it three parties in a row. We’re recovering slowly but not really “feeling good.” John’s health is fragile. He needs to take it easy.

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