Our kitchen and bath enhancements to be installed Thursday!

It’ll be nice to have our kitchen and guest bath done! After that’s finished, I’d like to concentrate on the “office area” so we can have extra storage added.

To get it right, I’d be happy to pull out the cabinets John installed and start over, but maybe we can work around them. The desk that is currently there is a joke because it will never be used as a desk. It just has a pile of stuff on it. The only flat surface we need is a place to put my printer and set the router and modem for our wi-fi. What we need is a big pantry and closet space for the vacuums, mops, etc.


Thursday came and went. No granite yet and no set date for the install.

We cleared Thursday and Friday of this week but those days have passed. Next week we are busy ALL WEEK until Friday.

When they finally call us, we’ll have to tell them Friday (the 20th) has to be the day. We can’t miss Elvis party (Monday); doctor appointments and Michigan Club party (Tuesday); ticket buying, Pickers Meeting, Sportsmen’s Club Meeting (Wednesday); and RV annual Storage Club meeting (Thursday). The following week is clearer, but we would like to get it done!

Seems like this business figures we can just “be there.” That’s not how it works.

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