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Hopefully I can get over my fears

We’ve been busy upgrading the car we drive when in Florida. We found a low mileage 2003 silver Mercedes SUV/wagon in perfect condition and bought it yesterday. (We’ll pick it up Wednesday). Our 4-door Jaguar sedan would have needed us to spend more to keep it running than we were willing to pay so we sold it today. (It’ll be picked up Thursday.)

Now we need to find out how to get the Mercedes registered as a Michigan vehicle so we can move the plates from the Jaguar to it. We know it’s possible because in 2011, we had an old Toyota which we traded in when we got the Jaguar but all the paperwork was done by the used car dealer. We were able to easily move the plate from the Toyota to the Jag. Since today’s a holiday, no one in the Michigan Sec. of States office was there to answer our questions. Hope we can get it straightened by Wednesday.

I think I’m just into older vehicles with pretty hood ornaments. (The Jaguar had the jumping big cat and this Mercedes has the 3-pointed star in the round hoop.)

I am scared to death of driving on highways here in Florida. The traffic is always heavy and moving so fast. Semis hog the roads.

The little Jaguar had brake/abs problems. It scared me!

Now I’ll have a solid Mercedes if/when I have to drive. And, yes, I know John will need to have a procedure after he’s recovered from his pneumonia problem and I’ll have to be the driver on the way home.

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Humidistat or A/C

We currently have a humidistat which has lowered our electric bills but, here’s my concern. We have several wooden, stringed, musical instruments. When the humidistat was installed we were told that during the summer months, we should keep it set to 65% humidity. The humidistat will keep the humidity from going over 65%, but it does nothing to keep the temperature from getting too high.

Yes, A/C can still turn on, but only when the humidity has gone over the 65% threshold.

I’m concerned that if the inside temperature goes to 90 or 100 degrees (even if the humidity is 65%), it could damage our instruments. That high temp will dry out the wood and will result in cracks and weakened glue. So far we’ve been hauling our instruments back and forth with us but the idea of leaving them here and flying between Michigan and Florida is becoming more attractive.

I read a report from someone here in Kings Point. He said his humidity has NEVER gotten over 65% when the temperature was under 85. (He runs a Nest system where he can see the temp and the humidity.) He suggested a setting of 85 on the A/C. That will keep the humidity lower than 65%.

We will probably not use the humidistat this year and see how our electric bills are.

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This is what I posted tonight to my “Friends” on Facebook

In case any of our friends have wondered where we’ve disappeared, let me explain.

John really crashed about a month and a half ago. He had been doing so well and we were looking forward to Thursday nights at the South Club when we’d try to make at least two loops around the dance floor and lots of fun events. But then things changed.

Walking in from the parking lot wore him out. He had trouble walking a few feet. Breathing was a problem even with his oxygen running 24/7. We had to change our priorities. We gave up the idea of using our Busch Gardens annual tickets and we’ve just stayed in.

John’s G.I. specialist at Moffitt had him scheduled for a pancreatic biopsy procedure this month, but Monday, his pulmonologist diagnosed his loss of strength and breath as pneumonia! Yup, in addition to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which has robbed him of normal lung function, he has pneumonia (again!) His pancreatic biopsy procedure has had to be postponed until his strength has improved. We’re hoping the pancreatic problem it’s nothing serious anyway.. just a remnant of the pancreatic cyst which was drained at Moffitt in May and hasn’t changed since then but they want to biopsy it with an esophageal procedure.

We hope to show up for some events, but we’re pretty much hunkered down taking it easy. And we definitely want to avoid the flu and colds so many seem to be fighting.

On Tuesday, February 20th, John and I are hosting the huge Michigan Club Pizza Party. (It’ll be a sell-out with 240 seats sold). I’m the chairman and John has always helped me with everything. This year, with all our KP friends, we are sure we can handle it, but we’re really counting on KP friends more than we ever have.

So if you wonder where we’ve gone, we’re here. We are taking it easy and hoping that John’ll soon feel better. We thank you for your prayers and support.

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Pointers for remembering folks

My husband and I have been snowbirds since 2002. Knowing that it would be months before we’d return to our Florida home, I started a computer spreadsheet (but it could be done in written form) to keep track of the folks we met. I’d list their names and something to help me remember them (physical description, characteristic, or where we met). There’d also be a column for their address and their email and phone number. When we returned, as my husband drove the long trip between Michigan and Florida, I’d quiz him. It was a great way to refresh our memories and kill time on the road. Those clues still come to mind when I think of some of the folks. As time passed, and cellphones with cameras were more common, I’d take a picture of their KP badge.

Another pointer: When meeting folks at a party, I’ve found a paper napkin labeled with all names in seating location and placed in the center where all can see the identities of their table mates, helps folks remember the names of folks they’ve just met. It really helps break the ice.

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Feeling Lazy

My allergies seem to have cleared up and I’m actually feeling pretty good but I have no energy.

John has had a rough month or so I should be doing more, but I’m pooped! I’ve got to snap out of it and get busy.

Audra will arrive a week from today. No time to feel lazy!

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Not good news

John had a CT and an appointment with his G.I. specialist at Moffitt Cancer Center Monday.

She doesn’t like the looks of the site where the cyst was drained last May and she has prescribed another biopsy. The good thing is that it hasn’t grown any but they’re still wanting to eliminate the possibility of cancer.

We don’t know when it’ll be scheduled. We have a few days on our calendar when it wouldn’t work out: Feb. 13-16 while Audra (John’s daughter) is visiting, and Feb. 20th when I’m in charge of the Michigan Club Pizza Party which will be attended by about 240 members.

I’ve been trying to get everything done in advance. Most of the items for the party have been purchased, but that morning I’ll need to pick up the 240 cupcakes, bags of lettuce, and small tomatoes.

In addition to worrying about John’s biopsy, I have to worry about driving back from Moffitt because he can’t drive after the procedure. I am scared to death to drive on the expressway. (When I did it the last time, I had nightmares before and after.) Knowing I don’t have a choice, I have found an alternate way to get back home. I won’t go on the highway at all. Instead, I’ll go via a secondary road, SR 41. It’ll have a lot more traffic lights, but hopefully, it’ll be easier for me.

Now I just have to worry about the outcome of John’s test. SCARED!!

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