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Time to Decorate

I love it when our place is ready for Christmas. We used to put up a lovely tree and I’d decorate it with lots of hand-made and rose and gold ornaments. This year we’re downsizing. We have a new 6′ artificial tree which won’t be as awesome but it’ll feel more like a holiday than it does now.

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Time Flies

We’ve been busy going back and forth to Tampa for John’s doctors and socializing when possible.

Last night we attended the Michigan Club Organizational Dinner Meeting. Richard stopped by yesterday afternoon and today we visited our friend, Paul.

We have no plans for Thanksgiving but bought a 12-pound turkey and the two of us will enjoy all the trimmings and a lazy day. The past few years Richard and Shelly Brooks invited us to their place for a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, but they’ve been invited elsewhere.

It’ll be ok. I love John’s company.

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Not so nice

Cooler, damp, and windy.

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Pretty weather

Absolutely lovely! Not too hot, too windy, nor too rainy … PERFECT!

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Tampa Trips

John’s Tampa General pulmonologist saw him a couple weeks ago. (Said he’s doing better.) Last week he had to go to Moffitt Cancer Center so he could have a CT scan. (To make sure the pancreatic cyst did not return.) Today he goes back to Moffitt to meet with his G.I. specialist for a report on the scan. Next Monday he needs to go to his rheumatologist again in Tampa.

While we’re in Tampa today, he’s going to stop at Brandon Honda. He’s had his eye on a 2017 SUV.

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