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Chilly but that’s ok…

Today it’s dern chilly (a high about 60). But we have nothing to do and nowhere to go. (John may take the car to be worked on.) Good day to stay inside, bundle up, veg, do laundry, and read a good book. Tomorrow we have our exercise class and maybe karaoke in the evening. Wednesday John has a CT scan at Moffitt. Thursday is exercise in the morning and our country couples hour from 4-5 pm. Friday early blood work (both of us) and the Activities Open House from 10-2.

Last night we attended a Halloween party. I drank more wine than I usually consume so I didn’t sleep well. Hopefully this lazy day will help get me back to normal.

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Back in the 1940’s

I was browsing the internet last night and stumbled across old photos of Midland, Michigan, the city where I was born and lived until I was 18.

One of the photos showed Glovers Drug Store and Bye’s Food Market. My family lived above Bye’s in a small two-bedroom apartment. Although I don’t remember the details, we must have moved in before Dad went into the Marines in 1944. When he was discharged in 1946, Dad and Mom built the “small house” which was on Sturgeon Road. We moved from the apartment into the Sturgeon house just before I was five (in 1947).

Here’s the photo. It was the first place I can remember living. You can see the entrance door to the stairway between the two businesses. Our apartment was where you can see the small balcony above Bye’s Food Market. Our windows had (green) awnings. I can remember a few details. The kitchen was windowless toward the back of the apartment and contained the “entrance” into the apartment. We had an icebox (no refrigerator). My room was tiny with a scary humpty dumpty lamp which I hated and no windows. The living room wasn’t very big but had the doorway to the balcony and the leftmost window (as seen from outside). Mom and Dad’s room would have looked out the right window.

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Time Passing Too Fast

We’ve been here for nearly three weeks. Doesn’t seem possible.

We had really hot temps (90+) until today when a cold front came through and it’s now under 70 degrees. Burrrrr! Should warm up in a couple days but not be as miserable as it has been.

We haven’t really gotten back into the swing of things. We did get the lanai and deck organized and we’re pleased with how nice it looks. Very welcoming.

And we’ve had some activities and fun….

The day after our arrival we went to a luau at the Enge’s. We’ve been to Sit and Get Fit exercise a couple times, John had a pulmonologist appointment in Tampa last Tuesday, a couple days ago I had an eye exam, last week we attended a lecture on insurance, and yesterday there was an open house at a new clubhouse. The tempo will pick up as more snowbirds get down here.

Thursday nights (starting last week) we get to enjoy an hour of dancing with friends at the South Clubhouse. This week we have parties on our calendar for tomorrow night (Michigan Club Welcome Back Wine and Cheese party) and Sunday (Baby Boomers’ costume party). I’ll be helping with the Michigan Club party.

Next week, on Wednesday, John has a CT scan at the Moffitt Hospital, and next Friday we both have bloodwork done for our annual physicals. Later Friday morning, we’ll attend the Annual Activities Open House at the main clubhouse.

We aren’t at the frenzied pace we usually enjoy here in Kings Point, but busy enough to feel A-L-I-V-E!!

Love love love it here!

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Taking it Easy

We haven’t done much. Haven’t even been to the pool yet but it’s been really hot and sticky so the idea of going out into the humidity hasn’t been very appealing. Monday we vegged. Yesterday we went to sit and get fit (exercise class), then we grocery shopped. Today I had a hair appointment and shopped a little. Tomorrow (Thursday) we have a morning meeting. Friday and Saturday we’ll go to the Kings Point Garage Sale.

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We made it in TWO days

After watching Hurricane Nate’s approach, yesterday we decided to try to out-run possible bad weather and keep going without stopping in Valdosta. We drove straight through and pulled into our condo about 10:00 pm with a carry-out pizza from our favorite pizza place. We were dead-tired but glad we’d to finish out trip yesterday.

John drove over 770 miles yesterday (Saturday) and more than 570 Friday. We’re tired today. Last night it felt good to turn-in at about 1:00 a.m. in “our place.”

It’s HOT today and very humid.

We’re going to attend a party tonight which will give us a chance to see all our friends. We’ve missed them. They are the best bunch! We had offers from several of the “girls” to help us unload yesterday but we got home too late to accept their offers. Today one of our friends (a guy) came by and helped us get the five-gallon pails of wine out of the back of the truck. Sure helped!

All our deck and lanai furniture is still in the great room. If it cools down a little tomorrow, I’ll sweep off the deck so I can move everything outside. (It would be silly to move it out and try work around lounge chairs to get rid of the dirt and debris.) The lanai will have to be power-washed before we can furnish it. Not today!

Sure feels good to be back in paradise!!!!

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We decided on the more westerly route

We were on the road at 8:15 this a.m. (15 minutes later than we’d planned.)

We started out down 127 in Michigan to I69 into Indiana. We are on I65 now in Kentucky. Our stop tonight will be in Franklin, KY, at Exit 2 off I65. We’re at Exit 53 right now so we should make it in less than an hour. Our plans are to eat at Cracker Barrel across the street from the Quality Inn.

Moving into the motel is always hard because John’s concentrator must come in. It weighs about 50 pounds and it’s bulky.

For the night, in addition to John’s concentrator, we bring in our small duffle bags, maybe my computer. I’m already tired, but it’ll feel good to stretch out and relax. Only 41 more miles until we’re in our motel for the evening.

Tomorrow our over-night will be in Valdosta, GA. Sunday, we’ll be home! (Hopefully!)

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Two Days to Go

With John’s health problems, a lot’s fallen on me to do so we can leave on schedule, October 6th. I packed the truck cab to the best of my ability but today he re-did it all. If he is more comfortable re-arranging everything, that was fine with me. I stood back and let him do it. Then together we loaded the remaining items in the back-end. We have everything in except the wine and food.

We still have tomorrow to finish up. I really want to be up and moving about 6:00 a.m. Friday. It’ll take a while to winterize the water system, turn off the water, and load in some last food items. I hope we can be on the road by 8:00.

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