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Beautiful Weather

The past couple of days I’ve spent most of my time outside. The weather has been perfect, mid to high 70’s, and sunny.

Today the South Club Pool was packed. After noon folks had to wait for a lounge chair, but we were in good shape, because I’d arrived at 10:00 so we had seats before the crowd arrived. Saw lots of friends.

We need to be especially careful avoiding a sunburn because Monday we go to our dermatologist. Don’t want him to scold us.

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Florida, MY Florida!

FloridaI’m Florida’s newest resident. Yup, today I got my Florida driver’s license and I’m officially a resident. I can vote. I can brag. I can claim Florida as “mine.”

I know I’ll spend more and more time each year in the Sunshine State. I figured switching now is a good idea. Eventually it will help with a few financial benefits like a possible homestead exemption and no state income tax.

Florida, with its wonderful views, its lovely coastline, and its glorious weather.

I will always think of Michigan as the state where my “roots” are but the longer I live, the more time I’ll be in the south.

I love Florida. It’s now “my home”!!

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lying to myself

The forecast in central Florida is for high 70’s temps next week.

You’d think I’d be celebrating, and I am…. sorta.

But back, many months ago, I made a public vow to lose about 15 pounds and, guess what? It hasn’t happened. The show-down occurs when I must again don a bathing suit.

I’m no longer slim and shapely. I’m pudgy and aging. My birthday next month will celebrate 69 years! That’s awfully close to 70, which I always considered really “old.”

I promised myself that, when I got to Florida, I’d walk a lot and watch my diet. I didn’t take into consideration that a couple times a week we’d dine out and take in multiple potluck dinners. I am much more active than in Michigan, but the Florida winter cool weather restricted our time outside since early December. The pool closure this past month also discouraged our promised routine. But those are only “excuses.” I’m at least 15 pounds over where I want to be. I weigh nearly 130 (ok, I’ve honestly been at least 130 for many months) which on my 5’2″ frame is about 15 to 20 pounds more than I want. I’m nearly 70. I’m not a sex symbol to anyone except my husband. skinny

Once I was a size 2. (Yup, that’s me at about 90 pounds in my size 2 wedding dress.) Now I’m a comfortable size 8 (or sometimes even a 10.) Even my shoe size increased from 6 1/2 to 7 and I have a pair or two of 7 1/2’s.

Life is truly wonderful, but I do lie a lot when I’m making promises to myself, especially when they have anything to do with my weight.

I wonder how long it would take me to lose 15 pounds so I would feel good about myself? The weather is going to be grand and now I have “incentive” to stick with my vow. Let’s see what happens.

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Stuck inside

It’s raining and cool today.

Yesterday when we went to our couples country dance lesson we spotted an announcement which said that the pool re-opens Friday (tomorrow). Unfortunately it’ll be too cool to take advantage, but next week it’s supposed to warm-up so the re-opening of the pool is definitely good news.

And next Friday, the 18th, there’s a party planned to celebrate the renovation of this lovely feature.

Over the next week we’ll be mucho busy: tonight is Rockin’ Rendezvous, tomorrow night our dance class will “practice” in the Palm Court Cafe, the 13th we have tickets for the Baby Boomers’ Valentine dance, Monday is Valentine’s Day, and Tuesday our annual Kings Point Ball Room Dance Club (fancy) dinner dance.

Next Wednesday, the 16th, the skies are supposed to be clear and the temperature will be near 80! To me that sounds like POOL TIME!!!

The pool has been closed since January 19th. (The closing was so the “paving tiles” around the pool could be re-leveled.) The pool is where we see a lot of our friends. We’ve missed that connection. Also can’t wait to “soak up” the sun and get exercise walking to the pool. I just feel better when I spend more time outside.

Up north it’s been bitter cold. Right now (at 10:30 a.m.) it’s 3 and feels like a -8. It’s only supposed to warm up to about 16. That’s dern cold. So I’m not complaining about mid 60’s and some much-needed rain as long as it moves out soon.

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Super Sunday

Yesterday we went to our friends, John B. and Brenda’s condo for a Super Bowl party. It was fun; especially the “football pool.” My John won one of the four possible pool prizes. Watching the scores makes it exciting, and I’m not normally a football fan.

The party food spread was fabulous (chile, chicken wings, lots of munchies and good stuff). Everything was excellent! I went home thinking that I really have to start watching my waistline which is expanding. The crowd divided into two groups: those watching the game (and eating), and those playing marbles. John and I hung out near the food and close to the TV.

Pauline celebrated her birthday so put a candle in John S.’s carrot cake and we all sang to her.

This was the third year we’ve attended the party. We’ve always had a good time, but maybe because we know the people better, it was even more relaxed and fun. There’s a comfortable attitude that mades it a truly enjoyable evening.

Brenda does a great job organizing. And her place is lovely and homey. I could learn from her example. And everyone who shows up is incredibly nice.

Today we’re eating sensibly. It’s 5:00 p.m. and I’ve only had two pieces of toast and a grapefruit. Tonight we’ll enjoy salmon, sweet potatoes and salad. Unfortunately it won’t undo last night, but it’s a start.

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Debbie Reynolds

Debbie 2011
Debbie Reynolds put on a very nice show Friday, February 4, 2011. She’s nearly 79. Not a youngster, but “looking good.”

Debbie was popular when I was in high school. You can see a photo of “early Debbie” here:
Debbie in the late 50's

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Doing the Hustle

We’ve been hurrying around all week.

We entertained Michigan company, attended our association’s annual meeting, went to a pizza lunch in Apollo Beach with our neighbors, enjoyed our country couples dance lesson on Wednesday, and had fun at Rockin’ Rendezvous last night.

Today we enjoyed Debbie Reynolds at Busch Gardens and toured the Yuengling Brewery (the nation’s oldest). I’m hoping I can create a collage of photos of Debbie Reynolds’ performance like I did for Charo’s pics. Debbie was funny and it was fun going down memory lane with her leading the way.

Tomorrow is “Super Bowl Sunday” so we’ll be heading to Brenda and John’s for their annual gathering. They have the nicest friends. Each one is special. Maybe it’s just that all folks from Maine are nice.

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