Power Ball

Today I wasted $4 buying two Power Ball Lottery tickets for tonight’s drawing. The jackpot is over $550,000,000 for the winner(s). Of course the odds are astronomical, but it got me thinking.

What would I do with multi-millions?

I love our homes, so I really have no desire to move, but John said, he’d want to buy a bigger condo here. (Up north, I doubt if we’d move, but we’d certainly renovate our kitchen.)

I’d hire a full-time cleaning lady (both here and in Michigan) who would get things organized. And of course new furniture selected by a decorator would enhance our places.

Cars? I guess in Michigan, I’d want to get rid of our Malibu, but I do like our Jaguar here.

Toys? Maybe a tablet computer, but not jewelry, nor clothes (well maybe a few fashionable items).

I’d donate a sizable amount to our church here in Sun City Center, and to worthwhile causes like the local hospice and the Emergency Medical squad.

I would take care of my daughter, Kelly, (who has vowed that she’d be there to take care of me, if it is ever necessary.)

We don’t want to travel (although I’d probably fly out to visit Kelly in California) a couple times a year.

But day-to-day, I can’t imagine changing our lives. I love our community. I totally enjoy our friends. I wouldn’t want to ditch our life for something else. The way we live is perfect for us!

Now if money could guarantee good health. Unfortunately we’re not young and our we’ll be lucky to live another 25 years. Not long enough!!

But it’s fun to dream about what changes $550,000,000 would bring to our lives.

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