We decided on the more westerly route

We were on the road at 8:15 this a.m. (15 minutes later than we’d planned.)

We started out down 127 in Michigan to I69 into Indiana. We are on I65 now in Kentucky. Our stop tonight will be in Franklin, KY, at Exit 2 off I65. We’re at Exit 53 right now so we should make it in less than an hour. Our plans are to eat at Cracker Barrel across the street from the Quality Inn.

Moving into the motel is always hard because John’s concentrator must come in. It weighs about 50 pounds and it’s bulky.

For the night, in addition to John’s concentrator, we bring in our small duffle bags, maybe my computer. I’m already tired, but it’ll feel good to stretch out and relax. Only 41 more miles until we’re in our motel for the evening.

Tomorrow our over-night will be in Valdosta, GA. Sunday, we’ll be home! (Hopefully!)

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