Christmas Plans

On Christmas day, our plan was to enjoy a lovely steak dinner (Omaha Steaks sent to us by my daughter) but our plans have changed. Yesterday, our friends Paul and Bunny Hunt, invited us to a Christmas dinner Christmas afternoon. (The frozen steaks will keep.) Instead, we’ll enjoy prime rib, baked potatoes, salad, and an apple pie for dessert at their condo. (We’ll provide the pie.)

Paul and Bunny are dear friends. We truly enjoy them. They were friends of my mom and Hoagie. We’ll enjoy their company, have a nice Christmas and we won’t be alone nor will they. Bunny’s having health problems so I hope it’s not too much work for her. Paul assured us that the dinner will easy. He’s getting the prime rib partially pre-prepared by Sam’s Club so it won’t take much to serve.

Last Saturday they had a Christmas house party. I came an hour early to help and I could tell it was beneficial. She was able to relax while I made sure everything was hot and ready.

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