Enjoy each day

My husband has a lung disease (considered terminal) that I fear will take him from me before either of us is ready for that separation.

I realize that the reality of that situation necessitates that I enjoy and savor every moment with him or I’ll be left with regrets.

What if this is our last Christmas together?

I need to enjoy every part of every day.

Our tree is kinda sparce, but it’s our Christmas tree. I better love it and remember what it feels like to share it with him!

Our poinsettias aren’t as pretty as previous years. Ahh… but they’re growing and look seasonal. Not perfect but still lovely.

We haven’t gone to many parties or had as much “fun” as previous years but the times we’ve socialized, we’ve enjoyed ourselves. Store away those good times, however many.

We don’t get as many invitations as previous years, probably because we don’t see our friends as often (out of sight out of mind) and we aren’t as much fun. But when we do get an invite, we know they’re real friends and they will enjoy our company.

Every single minute of every day is special and cherished.

Of course, I am praying to have lots more happy years with him. Join me in praying for that possibility.

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