Not good news

John had a CT and an appointment with his G.I. specialist at Moffitt Cancer Center Monday.

She doesn’t like the looks of the site where the cyst was drained last May and she has prescribed another biopsy. The good thing is that it hasn’t grown any but they’re still wanting to eliminate the possibility of cancer.

We don’t know when it’ll be scheduled. We have a few days on our calendar when it wouldn’t work out: Feb. 13-16 while Audra (John’s daughter) is visiting, and Feb. 20th when I’m in charge of the Michigan Club Pizza Party which will be attended by about 240 members.

I’ve been trying to get everything done in advance. Most of the items for the party have been purchased, but that morning I’ll need to pick up the 240 cupcakes, bags of lettuce, and small tomatoes.

In addition to worrying about John’s biopsy, I have to worry about driving back from Moffitt because he can’t drive after the procedure. I am scared to death to drive on the expressway. (When I did it the last time, I had nightmares before and after.) Knowing I don’t have a choice, I have found an alternate way to get back home. I won’t go on the highway at all. Instead, I’ll go via a secondary road, SR 41. It’ll have a lot more traffic lights, but hopefully, it’ll be easier for me.

Now I just have to worry about the outcome of John’s test. SCARED!!

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