HOT Haven!

Florida may be my “favorite” place to hang out, but boy, it is HOT this week! It’s in the low to mid-90’s and sticky.

I arrived yesterday afternoon after an uneventful flight.

The condo looked nice.

But it seemed that I had my share of problems. The cable TV in the living room wouldn’t “boot up”. (Tuesday a repair person will come.)

I somehow tracked in a piece of potato chip on my clothes but I hadn’t eaten any chips at all so I don’t know where it came from. I must have picked it up in the plane or the shuttle. Anyway it left a greasy spot on the new couch. I couldn’t get it out. Since it has a life-time stain resistant guarantee, I called the store. (Friday there’ll be a repair person coming.)

My voice through my new magicJack phone system comes across as distorted. It may need a different phone unit, but I’m still pleased the magicJack service which allows me to switch back and forth so calls to our Florida number can be forwarded to my cell. The Vonage system will let me forward both our Saginaw and our Florida number but both must be done in “unison” so if I were to forward the Florida phone to my cell, John’s phone in Saginaw would also be forwarded to me. When I’m down here I need just the 813 number to come to me. By having the magicJack service, it allows for that provision.

Yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm and today looking like it may be doing the same thing. Everyone is hoping for a downpour, but we didn’t get a lot of rain yesterday, just a lot of lightening and thunder.

I visited Mom yesterday and I’m about to go over there today. She’s about the same. Maybe a little more “lost” but she went through the “I love you a bushel and a peck…” recitation. And although she couldn’t remember my name, she seemed to know I’m her daughter.

Last night I put a small table together to use for my laptop beside the couch where I set. It went together fairly easy.

While the TV won’t work, I’m watching the set in the bedroom. Oh, well….

So I’m here. It’s good to be able to see Mom. This afternoon I enjoyed the pool from about 11:45 to 3:15. It was wonderfully refreshing.

I’ve seen a few of our good friends, but many are snow birds and they’re up north.



I went over to see Mom about 4:15. I needed to stop at the drug store on the way so I left a little earlier than usual. It looked like a storm was approaching, but it looked that way yesterday and fizzled, so I was confident that I could get by with the golf cart sides up. (It was so hot out that I couldn’t imagine again being surrounded by closed hot plastic sides. The fresh air felt great.) While I was at the drug store it started. By the time I got a couple blocks from Mom’s facility the rain was horizontal. The wind was really strong. I had a hard time seeing and it felt like the golf cart could be blown over. I was drenched… totally soaked. I tried to ignore my soggy clothes and enjoy my time with Mom. When I got home, I was still wet to the skin. I’m heard we got a couple inches in less than an hour. The puddles were lakes. I guess it was one of those situations like washing your car (which always brings on the rain.) I trusted the rain to hold off, so of course I got soaked. But if it took getting me wet to help with the drought situation, I was glad to do it.

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