Tuesday, Tuesday

I keep expecting to hear my little dog Willow behind me. When I drop a morsel of food, I expect her to dive for it. But I’m alone. Totally alone.

I had to hang around the condo a good part of the day because the cable repair guy was expected. He arrived fairly early (before noon) and was able to get the set going quickly.

I went to the pool, met some nice ladies: Darlene, Amy and Geri. We chatted for an hour or so. The temperature was perfect. The pool water was like bath water but still refreshing. I have been looking at a few available condos (exterior only).

This afternoon, after my time with Mom I went grocery shopping at the far end of town. My dinner tonight was scrumptious. It couldn’t have been better: baked potato, green salad and a small sirloin steak. All great!

Tomorrow I’m going to go to “the sale” which is the resale shop held Wednesday and Saturday a.m. I’ll then drive to Beall’s at the west end of town. They have great clothes. Of course I want to spend time at the pool.

I’m going to hate leaving. It’s relaxing here and although it’s hot, I’m out and about and love the tempo of this town.

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